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By immigrating to Canada. A permanent resident must live in Canada for at least 2 out of five years.

That would not make you a resident in most provinces, which has implications such as no provincial healthcare coverage.


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Yes, they do. The Canadian permanent resident card is the only proof of identification that proves, both inside and outside of Canada, you are a permanent resident of Canada.

yes , you need US visa to travel US if you are a permanent resident of Canada .

You have to be a resident of Canada in order to get a license in Canada.

Those with Permanent Resident status in Canada are still ineligible to hold public office or vote in federal elections.

A permanent resident of Canada can certainly travel to Cuba. This traveler must however have the appropriate documentation to do so.

If you are lawfully a resident of Canada, and if you qualify financially, you are entitled to receive social assistance. If you were born in Canada, in all probability you are a Canadian citizen, and therefore lawfully a resident of Canada.

Mature for movies and games

An Albertan is a native, resident or inhabitant of Alberta, Canada.

he's from Congo and his a permanent resident in Canada.

Yes, but you have to have your passport

when does a us citizen need a passport to drive to Canada

you must first become a permanent resident by going through one of many programs (ex: skilled worker, investor). once you are a permanent resident, after living in canada for 3 out of 4 years, you are eligible to apply for citizenship of canada.

yes if you are a citizen or a resident. I am not a citizen or resident of America though.. im citizen of Canada

In Canada a landed immigrant has permanent resident status. Until they achieve that status they are not landed.

Not if you are a legal Canadian resident.

Only if they're a permanent resident of Canada.

As of a 2006 the nunavut territory has only 26,474 resident and resident and this has the smallest population of any province of territory in Canada

In Canada, a PR card is a permanent resident card. A PR card is what is used for official proof of being a permanent Canadian resident.

You are able to. I was a permanent resident with a green card( actually pink) and i went to Mexico and Canada with it.

A US resident can drink in Canada, if he/she is of the legal drinking age. The legal drinking age in Canada is 18 or 19, depending on where you are. Underage drinking by 16-17 year olds under parental supervision is permitted in Manitoba.

A Canadian resident can buy cigarettes online most easily from an online cigarette shop that ships to both the US and Canada. The Canadian resident would still have to pay taxes on the cigarettes and shipping, but not a fee to send the cigarettes across the border between the US and Canada.

If I am a resident of the US. Do I need a visa to go to Canada?

NO. If you are a "US Permanent Resident" you are only entitled to work in the United States. If you are a "US Citizen" however, you may qualify to work in Canada if your education and experience match occupations identified in NAFTA.

It is possible for you, as a US citizen who is retired, to obtain permanent resident status in Canada, if there is a good reason for you to be in Canada, such as, to join your closest relatives who happen to be Canadian citizens. Your specific circumstances have to be considered by the immigrantion officials. If your sole reason to live in Canada is that it is easier to obtain health insurance in Canada than in the US, then your application would not be approved.

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