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How can you be arrested for running away?

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The juvenile is not "arrested" he or she is taken into protective custody and remanded to juvenile authorities. Running away is not a criminal offense as such, it is considered a "status offense" and can be adjudicated under criminal or civil statutes depending upon the circumstances of the matter.

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Can you get arrested for running away at age 17 in Missouri?

No, a person can not get arrested for running away at the age of 17 in the state of Missouri. If the juvenile commits a crime when they run away, they can be arrested for the crime.

Can a parent have their child arrested for running away?

A parent can have their child arrested for running away. The child is taken to the juvenile detention center and the parent picks the child up from there.

Can i run away at 11 without getting arrested?

I am not sure if running away is a good thing. Running away can make a lot of people worried and you can get into trouble.

If you are 15 and you run away until you are 18 and then you come back can you get arrested even though you are 18?

I would say no because you are legal at 18 they have to drop the charges. and you dont get arrested for running away.

If you are thirteen can your parents have you arrested for running away from home?

You are not going to be arrested. However, you can be taken into custody and put into foster care. The police will not allow you to wander around on your own.

Is running away from home a crime in Georgia?

It is until the age of 17. After 17, you are not required to return home or will be prosecuted by the state if arrested.

Is it illegal to have your car running while running into the store?

Yes actually its a law and you CAN get arrested. You can't get arrested if another person or people are in the car and you leave it running though.

What if you ran away 2 years ago and just showed back up?

depends on your age, but im pretty sure that you can be arrested for running away so i would advise not returning

If you are 18 can you your parents have you arrested for running away from home?

No, once you reach the age of eighteen, there is nothing your parents can do if you want to move out. You are legal at the age of eighteen.

What was the falling action to The Crucible?

When Proctor tries to tell everyone about Abigal, then he is arrested. Another falling action would be Mercy and Abigal running away.

What are the dangers of running away?

what are the dangers of running away

Does Sonic the Hedgehog ever get arrested for speeding?

No one gets arrested for running at any speed...

Does the statute of limitations on a crime stop running after a person is arrested for that crime?

It stops when you are arrested and charged.

Why did bill gates get arrested?

Bill Gates got arrested for running a red light and he didn't have his licence. <(")

Can you be arrested for running away at age 12?

If you have committed a crime, yes. If you just ran away, the police may just take you back home. Your parents can request that you go to a juvenile facility for reprimand if they choose to.

A sentence with a one-word verb?

i am runningam running is a two word verb!I like ice cream. like = verbThe police arrested the offender. arrested = verb

Is running away a crime?

No I dOnt think it is if u r running away from home. But if u r running away from the police than yeah.

You are 17 can you get put in jail for running away?

depends if u r running away from disipline yes if u r running away from abuse no

Does bench warrant go away after you get arrested for it?


What is the punishment for running away in the state of Nebraska?

You can be arrested and put in a Juvenile Detention Center. Not a place you want to end up. But there are agencies that help runaways. See the Related Link.

If you 18 can cops get you for running away?

Do you mean running away from home? By 18 you are legally an adult, so for running away from home, no, but if you are kidnaped they will still search for you.

Where do you go if your running away?

If you're thinking about running away, it's not a good idea.

Name the presidents of the US that have been arrested?

There have been two US Presidents that have been arrested. Franklin Pierce was arrested for running over a person with his horse and Ulysses S. Grant was arrested for speeding on his horse.

Which presidenty was arrested for running over a woman with a horse?

Franklin Pierce

Was Anderson Cooper arrested?

No it was a person posing as ac running a scam

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