How can you be comfortable around your crush?


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I have struggled with this for a while, and this is the conclusion that I find works for me. Just don't think about him as being your crush, think about him as just another of your friends. He may be a friend that you flirt with, but do not elevate him in your mind.

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Try not to think about him being your crush until you feel comfortable about being around him then you can slowly get closer if hes comfortable don't push or he'll get uncomfortable.

Questions to ask your crush is who does he have a crush on, is he single, and you can ask him if he feels comfortable around you.

He or she feels quite comfortable with you, and obviously likes you a lot it may seem to others. She wants you to feel comfortable as well, with her.

Try to do something that is comfortable for both of you that you enjoy such as a sport, movie - something of that nature then you will both be comfortable doing whatever it is as well as spending time together.

Well he/she would be talking to you,smiling at you and maybe showing some interest in you.

try to act normal the way you usually at around him after you get comfortable maybe tell him the way you feel

It means she better tell (through a friend or something along those lines) him she has a crush on him or it means you have to play in a different room from him.

One reason why a female friend may act nervous around you and seem so comfortable with her other male friends is because she likes you more. She could have a crush on you.

you stay calm and if your crush does come to ur bday party make them feel comfortable.

How can I make my man comfortable around me?

You can be nice to her or always make her laugh. Just be comfortable around her. Make sure you're careful not to insult her or her crush.

It depends on the situation. If they are around a group of people of course they will be more comfortable,wont be as nervous and will not be shy. But if it is just you alone they may be nervous an awkward. Also if your crush doesnt know you well it could be lack of stimulating conversation.

Your crush is the one that always smiles when your around

Well maybe he has a crush on you so he is nervous to be talking to you. And when he's with his friends, he feels more comfortable to talk because his gender understands him the most! Or maybe he found out that you like him so feels awkward to be around you. Hope this helped.

Well, they will be shy at first but then warm up to you and they probably didn't feel comfortable at first but then later on felt more comfortable to be around you.

if you are not ready dont let him do something that you dont feel comfortable with.

Watch him when you can. Watch his behavior when he is around you.

It could mean your crush likes you and does not want to appear foolish in front of your family. Some individuals are sensitive, and fear rejection or disapproval, and are only comfortable with people that they know and can rely on to accept them.

You can talk to them about it, they are your best friend after all. And tell them that you're not comfortable with their relationship.

the comfortable summer temperature is around 80 or 90 degrees.

by the way your crush acts and looks around your friend

When your crush acts semi-normal around you then that might be a sign to be read saying that he/she may have a crush on you back. Or it might be that he/she WANTS to tell you that they like you.

If he is always happy (not gay) around you then you know he has a crush on you (just like the one i have a crush on he is always happy around me)

because she knows her brother, and she is comfortable around him. maybe she should get to know you better. start a conversation? :D tell her she looks pretty today. or ask if she's had a good day.

Because she wants you to be comfortable around/like her, giving you one more reason to like her daughter, who she only wants to be happy.

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