How can you be happy?

Do the things you enjoy doing.

Spend your time with the people that you love most.

Remember that you never know when your life might end, so why not make it worth while living?



(By Softplug)

Have Faith!The secret of being truly happy, is to have faith on what you believe in.Never give up on yourself! remember that there is someone up there who really cares about you, even though he doesn't show you!If you pray to God and listen to his words,he will give you courage in life.Treat yourselfTreat yourself, do things that will make you feel happy, in a good way! so in the end you won't suffer any consequences.Live today as if tomorrow will never come, concentrate on what you are doing now. Aim for what is best for you without hurting those who are around you!

(By a Depressed Person)

Sometimes, none of that works. Sometimes, when you try to do things you enjoy, its very hard to gain interest. Sometimes when you try to have faith in yourself, you try to do it, and think you did it wrong, and then you get depressed. And who cares about other people when you wish you could just crawl in a hole and die. i know this because, that's how I feel whenever I see a happy, preppy, b*tchy cheerleader bouncing around my school ever since I moved to Indiana, h*ll on Earth.