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Loyal is similar to trust. To say that you have a loyal friend, they must be a trustworthy friend that always sticks with you no matter what. through good times and bad! :)

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What is the verb form of loyal?

Loyal. She is loyal to her country. My husband is loyal to me.

Should a king be loyal and should you be loyal to king?

A King should be loyal to his country and you should be loyal to the king. When a king is not loyal to his country anymore, you shouldn't be loyal to him.

What are the comparative and superlative form for loyal?

more loyal, most loyal

What is the prefix for loyal?

The prefix for loyal is disloyal

Who were the Loyalists loyal to?

Who were the Loyalists loyal to?

Who was samurais loyal to?

they were loyal to a noble. they would only be loyal if the noble returned land to them.

Who said I am loyal and you are traitors?

A loyal guy, or guy who thinks he is loyal, or a guy who pretends to be loyal said it to some traitors or to the true loyalists.

Where is the Loyal Public Library in Loyal located?

The address of the Loyal Public Library is: 214 N. Main St., Loyal, 54446 0337

How do you say loyal in french?

The same: Loyal.

What is loyal water?

water witch is loyal

Is loyal adjective or adverb?

Loyal is an adjective. Such as "A loyal friend". "Loyally" is an adverb. Such as "She loyally helps"

What nicknames does Frankie Loyal Delgado go by?

Frankie Loyal Delgado goes by Frankie Loyal.

What is the birth name of Loyal Griggs?

Loyal Griggs's birth name is Loyal Allen Griggs.

What does loyal she began loyal she remains mean?

It is the motto of Ontario. If you saw the Coat Of Arms of Ontario at the bottom of it it says Loyal she began, Loyal she remains.

What is the past tense of loyal?

Loyal is not a verb and does not have a past tense. Loyal is an adjective, a word that describes a noun.

How do you say 'loyal' in Gaelic?


Who are Arabs most loyal to?

They are most loyal to their religion.

How do you say loyal in Italian?

Leale, is Italian for Loyal.

What is the hawaiian word for loyal?

loyal = Ua kupaʻa

Do you have a sentence for loyal?

The Princess is very loyal to the kingdom.

Are Maltese dogs loyal?

i quess sometimes they can be loyal

How loyal was Jackie Robinson?

he was loyal, but sometimes he was stubborn

Where is the Loyal Area Historical Society Inc in Loyal Wisconsin located?

The address of the Loyal Area Historical Society Inc is: Box 309, Loyal, WI 54446

Who Remained Loyal to England?

Canada, for 1. Remained loyal after what?

Who is the loyal character in potato people?

edmund - loyal unselfish