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You can't. I've never heard of a lender/lease company letting someone off. They would always prefer to have two people on the hook for the money than one.

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Q: How can you be removed from a car lease with your ex after a divorce?
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If your ex cosigned the car lease how do you remove her from the lease without losing the vehicle?

A cosigner can only be removed from the financial obligation through the refinancing of the vehicle. If the ex-spouses name is not on the title she or he does not have any legal claim to the vehicle unless the couple lived in a CP state and were married at the time of purchase. Furthermore, terms contained in a divorce decree are not legally binding when it comes to such issues.

How do you get ex spouse off of car title?

If you have a divorce decree stating that the car belongs to you, and not your ex, then you should be able to get it taken care of at the department of motor vehicles. If it is not on your divorce decree then you will have to have it amended.

Does ex wife have claim to estate?

It depends on the terms of the will and the divorce decree. In most cases, no, the divorce removed all rights.

Your ex cosigned car lease How do you remove her from lease without losing vehicle?

You can have another person cosign for that person. As long as your the primary you wont need her to get her off the lease.

How do you get your ex to move out?

evict them go to the court house and file eviction papers if they are not on the lease or mortage....or just have them removed ;)

How do you get an ex boyfriend taken off my car lease?

Go to where you got the car from, you might have to go to court though too depending.

Your mother-in-law purchased a house for us you now are getting a divorce Can you be evicted from this house before your divorce is final?

It all depends on whose name is on the deed to the property or if there is a written lease agreement. If the property belongs to your mother in law she can evict you unless you have a lease. If your name is on the deed with your soon to be ex-spouse then only a court can force you to vacate the premises.

Your divorce was final in April and it is now December your ex has not removed her stuff from your house what can you do with the stuff without getting any legal reprocusion?

but them in a box in the garage

Should a man get married after a break up from his ex?

It depends if his already been divorce from his ex wife. But not before he have a written divorce papers saying he is finally divorce.

When two couples divorce and the ex wife is a cosigner what notification should she receive when his car is repossessed?

you lost your husband and a car too! They don't have to give you any notice. The divorce settlement should have included you being taken off the title with no financial responsibility whatsoever for the car.

I won my car in a divorce and the car is paid off but the finance company will not remove the lien without my ex-husband's permission?

You will probably have to go to circuit court to make him sign it.

If you remarry your ex-husband are divorce papers void?

No, divorce papers are NOT void

If an ex wife has a vehicle via divorce decree she never titles the vehicle a year and a half goes by The ex husband dies and leaves all vehicles to his children who gets the vehicle?

The ex-wife has the car. His estate has no rights in the vehicle.

When a redneck divorces does his former wife become his ex-sister?

No. After a divorce, the ex-wife is the ex-wife.

Your car was awarded to you in a divorce Both your names are on the title how do you get your ex-husbands name off the title The car is paid for?

Since it was awarded to you, he needs to sign the title. You can take the title in as well as the paperwork from the divorce which proves you get the car to the county auditor's office (or the place where you get a registration) and get a new title ordered plus a registration.

Can you file bankruptcy with your ex-spouse after a divorce?


How do you get ex dinosaurs?

You marry a dinosaur and then divorce it.

Can an ex-spouse stop you collecting rent on a property you bought in his or her name?

Absent a written agreement or strong evidence to the contrary, the right to lease, manage and collect rent on property follows ownership. If the property is tied up in a divorce, then the divorce court will make a ruling if the matter is brought to its attention.

Why did Jake gyllenhaal and ex wife Maggie divorce?

Maggie is his sister, not his ex-wife.

How long does an ex have to remove all belongings after a divorce?

If the divorce court did not specify who gets to live in the house, the ex is a legal tenant and has a right to use of the property. If the house was granted to you, you will need to lawfully evict the ex.

Who owns the house if you and your ex refinanced after the divorce?

Whoever the divorce decree says owns it, unless some more recent document explicitly changes that. That said... "you and your ex refinanced after the divorce"? That's ... unusual.

Can ex wife use your surname after divorce?

Yes, ex wives are legally entitled to use their ex husband's surname.

How could your ex have sold a car you both owned without you signing over the title?

In the United States, each state has its own laws concerning car titles. In some cases depending on how the car is titled, only one signature is required to sell the car. In divorce cases you need to read the divorce decree. A car is normally included in the divorce decree. A judge's signature is better than your signature. Still, each nation has different laws. You will need to check the law for your local jurisdiction.

What rights does an ex-wife have to ex-husbands property if she was not in his will or the executor of his will?

The ex-wife has no legal interest in her ex-husband's property unless she was specifically mentioned in his will with an acknowledgment the gift should be given even after a divorce. The divorce severs the legal relationship enjoyed by people who are legally married.

Can a ex-wife still continue caring for her ex-husbnd after divorce and remain friends?


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