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be sexy Remember what he did to you and how he broke your heart and moved on without you and then smile at him through gritted teeth!

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Q: How can you be tough and not cry when you see your ex boyfriend?
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Your ex boyfriend best friend asked you out what should you say?

It depends if you have been through a tough time or not with your ex but if your THAT desprate for a boyfriend say yes! :) :D

Why do you still cry about your ex-boyfriend?

Most people cry because they were once in love with that person and sometimes they always blame there-self for whatever happened to make them breakup.

Which is correct he is your ex boyfriend or he was your ex boyfriend?

"He is your ex boyfriend" is correct.If you were to say "he was your ex boyfriend" it would suggest that he is no longer your ex.

Why do girls cry so much over there ex boyfriend?

probably because they still liked that person. some people can get over guys quickly and some can't. girls cry silly and important things. it just depends on if that ex-boyfriend really is worth crying over.

How do you get a girl that likes her ex boyfriend?

Treat her better then her boyfriend did and she will see you are a better person

How do you choose between your boyfriend and ex When your boyfriend is nice and sweet but your ex has proven he has changed?

Spend time with both, then see who you really like

What do you do if your ex-boyfriend get back to you?

i mean, if he's your ex-boyfriend he's your EX-boyfriend. that means...boyfriend.

How can you tell if your girl was with her ex-boyfriend?

Usually if a girl was with her ex you would see a connection between them. It could either be a good or bad connection

Why ex boyfriends want to see your kids?

Why would our ex boyfriend want to see your kids, that is a really silly question to ask.

Who is Lady Gaga ex-boyfriend?

Her ex boyfriend is Rob Fusari.

Your ex boyfriend miss you but has a girlfriend?

he is going through a tough time he loves you both. or he probably misses something that you have and his girl dosent

How do you move on from your ex-boyfriend?

Get another one. There are plenty out there. Pick your head up, smile and you'll see; There they are!!!!

Should you get back with your ex-boyfriend?

i do, it depends, why you broke up! i dont see anything wrong with it x

Does Selena Gomez have an ex boyfriend?

NO Selena does not have an ex boyfriend

How do you talk to an ex-boyfriend?

there's a reason they are a ex

When an ex boyfriend attacks your boyfriend does that mean he still likes you?

No, it does not always mean that because your ex boyfriend attacks your boyfriend that he even has a clue as to what love is, but rather he feels he owns you; you are his property and it angers him to see you with someone else. Most young men who are mature wouldn't attack your boyfriend so this ex is better left in the past.

What does it mean when you see your ex boyfriend and he turns red?

he wish he did not break up with you

What does it mean if you dream about your ex boyfriend but you have a boyfriend already?

Dump your boyfriend and get back 2gether with your ex

Meaning your ex boyfriend says he wants to see your face?

wants to see and be with you again because he mises you

What is the role of an ex-girlfriend?

If you are the "Ex-Girlfriend" than you should either, A. Ignore Your Ex-Boyfriend B. Ignore His New Girlfriend C. Try To Be Friends D. Cry Your Eyes Out E. Be A Jerk To Him You should do C.

What if you kiss your ex-boyfriend?

Don't tell your boyfriend, just keep it a secret and anyway why woold you kiss your EX-boyfriend???????????????????????????Another AnswerWell... firstly... why did you break up with your ex-boyfriend? and secondly... if you kissed him purposely then it means that you still like him... but if you kissed him accidentally well then that was an accident...i broke up with my boyfriend well now he's my "ex"- boyfriend... but... i still like him and he doesn't like me just because i can't kiss him... one day i was going to kiss him but before i did he just said "let's break up..." so after that day onwards i just... started to cry everyday...

My current wife says that she doesn't see anything wrong with her wanting to be a shoulder on which her ex boyfriends can cry on. She just recently attended a funeral to comfort her ex boyfriend.?

If that's all she does, and she doesn't mind you're being there ... no sweat. But if it goes any farther, kiss her goodbye.

What if your ex boyfriend still likes you a lot but you have a boyfriend but you kinda still like your ex what do you do?

just tell your new boyfriend that you still have feelings for your ex and tell your ex that you have a new boyfriend if they really care about you they will understand

How do you get over a ex-boyfriend?

only time will allow you to get over an ex-boyfriend. also avoid him.

Is it normal for your girlfriend to look for her ex-boyfriend?

yes, it is normal for a girl to look for an ex- boyfriend only if she still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend and is worndering what could have been.