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How can you become a moderator on HorseIsle?


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June 22, 2012 8:37AM

You cannot ask to be a Moderator on either Horse Isle game. Admins choose Mods by their appropriate behavior, lack of violation points, and love of the game.

There is no "set age" for Mods. But normally older players, teenagers with level heads, etc. are more mature and can handle situations with less bias.

Players that have a "reputation" on the game, but don't have violations, will not be asked to be Moderators. Obviously if a player HAS violations, they've broken rules. That shows that they don't have a full understanding of the rules, while Mods need to know all of the rules so they can apply them to the game.

While it helps to be a Subscriber, it is not a deciding factor in "mod-ship." It just shows you are more dedicated to the game, and that you have less of a chance at leaving your post as a Mod.