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How can you become more confident around girls?


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I am a girl and the best thing I have always likes in guys is when he is just himself and not trying to hard, you can pretty much get along with anybody no matter what I have very many guy friends of different groups just because I know they are being themselves. It Also helps if you just try and ask questions and get to know somebody at school or a game or a dance or something, I have always liked guys with a little humor and have a good conversation with. Just try not to be shy or think about things to much just be laid back and go with the flow!!! Maybe you could just talk to a girl about something you may have in common or ask if they just want to do something and try to get to know them!

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In order to be confident with girls, you absolutely MUST be confident with yourself. Think about it, is it possible to trust someone if you don't trust yourself? Once you've become confident with yourself, the rest is easy. Then you won't be so nervous around girls. Talking to girls is easy. Look at it as if you were talking to your mom. You have to be respectful, but can be comfortable around them. Ifyou need more help, message me.

just be about things you might have in common with them.

I think it's because girls know they won't do anything to them and the boys are more confident around girls

improve you look act confident

I am confident about my ability to do the job.The players seem more relaxed and confident this season.He has become more confident in his Spanish-speaking skills.They have a confident air about them.We are confident that conditions will improve soon.

how can anyone become more self confident? One can become more self aware , but confidences stems from personality, it cannot be built or imposed

The only way to become more confident in contact and tackling while playing rugby is to just go out and play. Your confidance comes with experience, and there is no other way to overcome this issue.

Be confident in yourself - there's nothing sexier than someone who's confident in who they are.

It makes them feel more beautiful and confident with themselves.

Boys like self-confident girls. Unfortunately, "mean" girls sometimes come off as more self-confident than "nice" girls, which is a puzzle to me because in my opinion, meanness stems from insecurity of some form. In the middle is best one that is nice at the right time and one that can mess around at the right time now knowing when the right time

he learned to become more CONFIDENT!

One word, confidence. Girls can immediately see if you're confident or not. This is because a confident partner is likely more successful than a not confident guy.

it makes them feel more confident and they fell much more prettier

It's a learned skill, you need to practice it to get good at it.

You can become more confident if you stand up for yourself, believe in yourself, and you don't doubt yourself. Go with your first instinct on things, most of the time you are right. If a cute girls says that you have a nice body, it's a major self-esteem booster.

You shouldprobably get a tattoo, or grow a beard. Or grow some balls and ask her out. girls like confidence, and beards above all. The more confident they are the more confident you need to be.

Try to act more confident around them and start to hang out with them more and do things they like to do. Try to have a laugh with them and once you are confident with them go on and ask them out.

heres something i have always told my friends with this problem, and i do it myself. if you dont feel confident...just pretend that you are! just pretend that your confident and it will give the impression you are to those around you. after a while it will become natural for you to act like it. theres nothing more sexy than confidence apparently! lol good luck x

There are a number of ways to become more confident. For instance, try to replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Don't always compare yourself to others but rather promote your positive attributes. Other ideas to become more confident can be found online at Nerd Fitness, Tiny Buddah, and Pick the Brain.

Yes, girls who are not confident can actually make a guy less confident himself. He cant tell if she is just shy, or if she is not interested, which just makes things way more akward between them. On the other hand, too much confidence can scare a guy off. Just being confident without coming off as as needy or skanky, just be comfortable. Guys like to be flirted with, because it shows that the girl is interested and can help him be more confident too.

Yes and no. It's all down to personal preference. I've seen plenty of skinny guys with heavier girls. Guys are more likely to like self confident girls, and it just so happens that sometimes heavier girls aren't as confident in themselves. If it makes you feel better about yourself, consider losing some weight, but mostly just be confident that you have a lot to offer that goes beyond skinny jeans or whatever. They like girls who are good at sex, and the bigger, confident girl usually does the trick.

He is the same old Enrique.. but more confident almost.

well i became confident by by believing in myself your who you are for a reason and sholdnt chnage it, believe what you want. well i became confident by by believing in myself your who you are for a reason and sholdnt chnage it, believe what you want.

waaay to vague of a question.... girls want different things your best bet is to be yourself, but more importantly is to be confident. be who you are and do it well.

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