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How can you benefit from studying the Holocaust?

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The benefits of studying this terrible topic is so this will never happen again. I know it's strange to be listening to Holocaust survivors talk about their journeys and what happened in the camps, but it's for the better good. ___ The main reason is that it is regarded as a key event in 20th century history.

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The benefit of studying logic and literature at the same class is that it helps you think rationally.

How would the Holocaust best be described?

well i just finished studying the holocaust I'd describe it as a time of sorrow it was unfair for the Jews.

Who will benefit from your study?

You will benefit the most from your own studying, because you will become more intelligent in whatever field you are studying on. Your friends or close ones may also benefit, since you may want to use that knowledge you have learned and use it to benefit them (helping them).

What is the benefit for studying Law?

you can benefit studying law- you can know main rules and laws you know not to break or try to bend you can know if cops or other people are lying about what they say

How has studying the Holocaust changed your opinion of Germans?

I hope that studying the Holocaust is not making people anti-German. The majority of Germans were not alive at the time, or were too young to play any part in the Holocaust. Moreover, anyone who knows modern Germany will be aware that it is a thorougly democratic country, where human rights are respected.

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What does studying the Holocaust mean to you?

Nothing to me, but other people it means a lot. It just depends on the person.

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What is the biggest lesson people can learn by studying the Holocaust?

The biggest lesson that people can learn is that there is no one truth.

Who will benefit in studying superstitious beliefs?

Some people use them to gain power over others or gain some benefit such as money.

What has the author Dolores Ogden Morse written?

Dolores Ogden Morse has written: 'Studying the holocaust and human behavior' -- subject(s): Child psychology, Holocaust, Jewish (1939-1945)

How can studying about the holocaust today help prevent another atrocity from happening in the future?

It doesn't. Its not really helping Palestine now, is it?

What were model camps during the Holocaust?

They were camps that held better conditions and facilities for the benefit of the Red Cross inspectors.

What do geologists observe when studying a rock sample?

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Studying in universities abroad is common these days. this may not always benefit the student?

yes it depends on hard work

How can the stories of Holocaust survivors and those who eventually freed them help to stop another Holocaust from happening?

The problem is whether the perpetrators are willing to recognize another holocaust as it is forming and occurring. For example, many people point out that the 50 million abortions (just in the U.S.) qualifies as another holocaust. But the perceived benefit (casual sex without responsibility) is so seductive and addictive that the perpetrators would not seriously consider its status as a holocaust.

Why was there a holocaust in World War 2?

Hitler was half jew. When he was in university he was studying art and a jew did not allow him to become an artist so he began killing jews.

Who will benefit in studying religion?

A:Anyone can benefit from the study of comparative religion, since this is a study that provides an insight into other cultures and beliefs.Followers of a particular religion would benefit from studying that religion, so that they better understand their own faith.Anyone planning to undertake a career as a pastor or member of a religious order must undertake years of religious study.Religious leaders benefit from encouraging the study of religion, as this could enhance the proportion of the population that feels committed to religion.

Why is the holocaust important for each generation to keep studying these events?

it is not, no generation has learned from the Holocaust, the victims of the Holocaust tried to record what happened so that the world would know and that it would never happen again, but attempted genocides are happening all of the time. Nations who could save people chose not to so as not to jeopardise their own quality of life.

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It helps you understand the fundamental concepts of quantum physiology of the cosmos as well as cereptal covalency

What is the role of the mosque in the life of a Muslim?

Mosque is the place where Muslims gather: * for praying, * for celebrating the feasts, * for helping the poor, * for reciting and studying Quran as well as studying religious sciences, and * performing social activities for the benefit of community.

What are some positive outcomes of the Holocaust?

Medical science is still using results gained in the European and Chinese medical experiments for the benefit of humans.

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