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Continental Airlines

Continental Airlines has legally merged with United Airlines and is a member of Star Alliance Global Network.

(Mailing address)

P.O. Box 4607

Houston, Texas 77210-460

(Physical address)

1600 Smith Street

Houston, Texas 77002

Telephone: (713) 324-2950

Toll-free phone: (800) 932-2732

Fax: (713) 324-2687

Continental Airlines, Inc.

Customer Care

900 Grand Plaza Drive NHCCR

Houston, TX 77067-4323

Telephone: (800) 932-2732 and press 0 twice.

Fax: (713) 652-4997

Note: Please see this Continental Airlines page for specific instructions on how to handle your lost/damaged baggage and missing property claims: Damaged, Delayed, Lost Baggage and Missing Items.

Continental Airlines Baggage and Lost and Found

Continental Airlines

Baggage Resolution Service Center

611 Lockhaven Drive

Houston, TX 77073

Telephone: (800) 335-BAGS (800) 335-2247

Online baggage tracking

Lost and Found

How to get through to an operator:

Dial (800) 932-2732. Press 0 followed by 0.

When Operator fails to serve you, Go directly to CEO Jeff S.

If this is dire in getting corporate attention, Write Directly to CEO and COO of Continental at

and COO at

Explain and tell your story and whom you already talked to and how dissatisfied with the service the CO offered you.

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Is Southwest Airlines better than continental airlines?

Continental airlines is the best airlines

How does a person issue a complaint to United Airlines?

The best way is to write a letter to the customer service department.

What is the best airline alliance?

The "Star Alliance." Airlines such as Lufthansa, Singapore, and Continental are in this alliance.

What is continental airlines mission statement?

To be recognized as the best airline in the industry by our customers ,employees, and shareholders"

Who is Gordon Bethune?

In more than a decade as the chairman of Continental Airlines, Gordon M. Bethune piloted the company from the brink of a third bankruptcy into the ranks of America's best airlines.

What are the best family airlines?

the best ones ive been on is southwest airlines and American airlines.

What is the toll-free number for Continental Airlines?

Toll-free phone number of Continental Airline:800-525-0280Here are Continental Airlines address and toll-free phone numbers:800-523-3273 (Reservations)800-621-74671600 Smith StreetHouston, Texas 77002United States

What is the best airline to fly from Miami to Ireland?

Probably going from Miami via Newark gives options into Dublin and Shannon is the best for convenience and not too bad on price. This would be United/Continental Airlines.

What is the best airline plane to los angles?

delta airlines by far best airlines in the skys

What tone is best for a letter of complaint-?

Non-angry manner but being firm is the best tone when writing a letter of complaint.

Best airline to fly to Australia?

Qantas Airlines Emirates Airlines

How much do we pay for excess weight at Continental Airlines?

Perhaps the best answer is to get the latest information directly from Continental via telephone. A suggestion would be - call several different offices or regions and make sure you are being told the same thing each time.

Is Pakistan International Airlines the best?

The answer can be subjective. Instead, ask how the quality of the airlines is.

What airlines fly Singapore to Delhi?

Your best option would be Singapore Airlines

What is the best airline to fly on?

This is a very subjective question and one with multiple answers as it is a matter of opinion. Internally in the US, Southwest Airlines airlines is highly rated by many but does not fly into 12 states. Delta or United/Continental would be better choices. Internationally Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific are very highly rated in the frequent Flier community.

Which statement best explains how fern fossils could be found in present-day Arctic regions?

The one having to do with continental drift.

What are some good Hawaiian Airlines?

Some good airlines that fly to Hawaii include Hawaiian Airlines, United Airlines, and American Airlines. The best airline for your trip will depend on when you travel and where you're traveling from/to.

What is the best site to book airlines ticket?

The airlines' websites. The best way is to go to Wikipedia and find your departure airport. In the list, find your arrival airport and see which airlines operate to it. Then go on each of the airlines websites and book the cheapest one!

What is the Continental Airlines phone number?

Reach Delta Customer Contact by Social Media Passengers can even attain the Delta Airlines ticket and reservation branch from the a number of social media platforms. Travellers can really go to any of the social media channels and contact the airline to unravel their query. Delta Airlines ticket groups are handy 24 hours a day for seven days a week. Reason to Fly with Delta Airlines Fly with Delta Airlines to make use of the advantages of their superb inflight service. As with bags options, relying on the route, flight fare, fee technique or SkyMiles you have available, Delta's meals and drink choices vary and may also be paid on home or worldwide flights for less. Four hundred two kilometres or 250 miles or encompass snacks and drinks on flights over 402 kilometres or 250 miles or have drinks and a three-course seasonal menu on worldwide flights over 1,450 kilometres or 900 miles. And if you want a different meal, Delta presents up to 17 one of a kind sorts of ingredients that would be reachable in First Class, Delta One and on all Economy Class flights that provide complimentary meals service. The airline additionally presents WiFi connections thru their one-of-a-kind Gogo Entertainment software that you can locate in the Android or iOS utility shop or thru the Delta WiFi portal throughout the flight. The Delta Studio carrier to enjoy, thru the display in the headrest of the the front seat, tv programs, films and series. Delta Airlines reservation phone number Details Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Number +1(855)923-2209 Refund or Cancellation Ticket +1(855)923-2209 Delta Airlines Phone Number +1(855)923-2209 Delta Airlines Customer Service USA +1(855)923-2209 Delta Airlines Telefono USA +1(855)923-2209 Delta Contact Number +1(855)923-2209 Delta SkyMiles Reservations +1(855)923-2209 Cargo Helpdesk +1(855)923-2209 Delta Airlines Customer Service Number +1(855)923-2209 Special Assistance Helpline +1(855)923-2209 Travel with Pets +1(855)923-2209 Baggage Claim Number +1(855)923-2209 Vacation Packages Helpdesk +1(855)923-2209 For Minor Reservations +1(855)923-2209 Disability Assistance +1(855)923-2209 Group Travel Booking +1(855)923-2209

Which Turkish airlines have the best safety record?

Türk hava yolları - Turkish airlines-(THY)

Which are the best flights to Hawaii?

Most of the best flights to Hawaii are from Hawaiian Airlines. However, you are still able to find reasonably priced flights from other major airlines such as Delta, American Airlines and Asian Air.

What are the best brand tires best ride or continental?

Of those 2 , I believe Continental would be better.

Worlds best airlines?

Best Airlines was a small airline that flew to a miscellaneous and changing group of cities in the Mid-Atlantic united-statesin the mid-1980s.Read more: best-airlines

What airlines offer flights to Grenada?

There are many airlines that offer flights to Grenada. They include U.S. Airways, American Airlines and Caribbean Airlines. Flights can range in prices, so contacting the airlines directly may provide the best price.

Which are the best airlines in the whole world?

Most frequent fliers would rate Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific and Etihad as the top 3 airlines in the world.