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How can you best present a complaint to continental airlines?

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Continental Airlines has legally merged with United Airlines and

is a member of Star Alliance Global Network.

(Mailing address)

P.O. Box 4607

Houston, Texas 77210-460

(Physical address)

1600 Smith Street

Houston, Texas 77002

Telephone: (713) 324-2950

Toll-free phone: (800) 932-2732

Fax: (713) 324-2687

Continental Airlines, Inc.

Customer Care

900 Grand Plaza Drive NHCCR

Houston, TX 77067-4323

Telephone: (800) 932-2732 and press 0 twice.

Fax: (713) 652-4997

Note: Please see this Continental Airlines page for

specific instructions on how to handle your lost/damaged baggage

and missing property claims: Damaged, Delayed, Lost Baggage and

Missing Items.

Continental Airlines Baggage and Lost and Found

Continental Airlines

Baggage Resolution Service Center

611 Lockhaven Drive

Houston, TX 77073

Telephone: (800) 335-BAGS (800) 335-2247

Online baggage tracking

Lost and Found

How to get through to an operator:

Dial (800) 932-2732. Press 0 followed by 0.

When Operator fails to serve you, Go directly to CEO Jeff S.

If this is dire in getting corporate attention, Write Directly

to CEO and COO of Continental at

and COO at

Explain and tell your story and whom you already talked to and

how dissatisfied with the service the CO offered you.

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