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How can you block a website from multiple users on XP?

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βˆ™ 2007-03-18 12:51:15

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Blocking a website from multiple users is the same as allowing only specific users, one at a time. One way to do this would be to build your site on a webserver that requires access checks. If you want to validate only one user at a time, then a general method might be to create a file that shows whether a user is logged in or not. A very simple PHP script could do this easily. The database file that contains the current status of the website, i.e. either there is someone visiting the site or there is no one visiting the site, is a simple boolean value. It would be set to 1 (one) if there is a visitor viewing the site or 0 (zero) if no one is currently viewing the site. The php entry script can check this file to see if it is zero or one and depending on the status, allow entry to the site (setting the status file so no others will be allowed entry) or deny entry. There are some more interesting questions implied here. For example, how would you confirm status? Also, what webserver are you using? If you are using Apache, I think an .htaccess might have the capability to do all of this for you but I am not an Apache expert. Maybe there is one out there that can answer this. I hope this gives you an idea or two.

2007-03-18 12:51:15
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Q: How can you block a website from multiple users on XP?
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Is there a multi user version of Windows xp?

All versions of Windows XP support multiple users.

How to add multiple users in windows xp computer that is not networked?

Start->Control Panel->User Accounts->Create a new account

How does Windows XP Home Edition manage multiple users who share a single computer?

As administrator, you can create unique 'user accounts'.

Difference between Windows XP professional and Windows XP home operating systems?

Windows XP Pro is for business and home users. Windows XP home edition is for home users.

What is the new version of Windows XP?

Service Pack 3 Its not really a new version, its more an update of SP2. Its free to download from the Microsoft Update website, for existing XP users.

Is Windows XP an operating system multi user?

It depends on... If you are planning to use for a number of users who are going to use in different time with interfering with each other. Yes you can do that. If you want to use Windows Xp as a mainframe OS (when multiple users work in the same time with same OS), no you can't do.

Is Windows XP single user or multiple?


What is the path to the Windows XP startup folder for all users?

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Program\Startup is the Windows XP startup folder for all users.

What is a taskpane?

Task pane is the feature of the Microsoft XP which provides users to immediate access of the commands, gathering information as well as to modify documents. It has one or multiple pages.

Computers used by multiple people at the same time?

Windows Vista and XP don't allow multiple users to log on at the same time. Linux, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008 allow multiple network users to log on remotely via Remote Desktop. Hardware is available that allows multiple monitors, keyboards and mice to be connected to a machine and multiple users to log on, but generally it is awkward to use, slows the computer down and causes problems with graphics drivers.

List five types of Windows XP user groups created when Windows XP is first installed?

Administrators Backup Operators Power Users Users Guests

Why would users of windows NT upgrade to XP?

More software and better security is available for XP.

How many users create in win xp?

as u like

Why does windows xp require users to log on?

To maintain security

Why Windows XP lets many different users to create their own accounts?

The administrator of the Windows XP can set up new accounts or deny users from setting up accounts.

How do you set up Windows XP to support multiple CPU s?

Windows XP supports multiple CPUs out of the box. No further adjustment is needed.

How do i switch between users in Windows XP?

Click log out and it will prompt you to ask if you want to log out or switch users.

Why you used Windows XP insted of window xp?

Because it allows to open multiple applications.

How many types of win xp users?

two admin and limited

Windows XP professional automatically caches a users credentials in the?


Does window XP support multi task or single task?

Windows XP supports multiple tasks at once.

Where would a Microsoft Windows XP user go to find new updates for their computer?

Users of Microsoft Windows XP can find updates for their computer's operating system, including new features, bug fixes and general software updates, at Microsoft's official website for Windows.

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Allow users to access and modify documents waiting to print