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Unfortunately, the only way to overcome this is by doing a factory reset.

This can be done by connecting your iPod Touch to your computer and opening iTunes.

Find your iPod on the left hand side under "Devices".

This will open a page you should be familiar with if you have ever synced your device using iTunes.

Click the "Restore" button and follow the instructions given by iTunes.

Note: This will erase all content on your iPod Touch and require you to resync all music, video etc back onto your device. However, it is the only way to overcome a forgotten passcode.

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โˆ™ 2011-11-10 16:13:23
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Q: How can you break the code on your iPod Touch when you forgot the four digit password?
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How can you break the code on your ipod touch because you forgot the 4 digit password?

Possibly you could try to type numbers that you might have used before the one you forgot. Or you can restore the I-pod Touch 4g. hope this helps

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You know your ipod password and it wont work. There is a six digit word password and the four digit number passsword comes up?

If it is an iPod Touch, the passwords for the iPod Touch are only 4-digit numeric passcodes, and never include words, so you may be looking at the wrong password.

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The most you can do to lock the iPod Touch is by entering a 4-digit pin. You can do this through the Settings of your iPod.

Can you change how you unlock an iPod Touch?

You can add a password lock. You must answer the password (type in the 4 digit password) then unlock. if you jailbreak it will make it look different like it will say your name where you must slide.

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Go to Settings then play around there for a bit until you find 'Password'. Press 'Make Password', then set up the digits. Whenever you wake your ipod touch, it has a password. YOU CAN'T DO IT WITH A NANO, SHUFFLE OR CLASSIC AS OF 5 MARCH 2011

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Yes you can, only if the iPod does not have an existing password. First step, click the "Settings" app. Next step, select "General." After that, select "Passcode Lock." You will then be able to set up a password. If the iPod already has an existing password, then you will need to reset the iPod, which will erase all Music/Videos/Pictures.

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