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How can you build up the muscles in your legs?

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By doing leg workouts and by increasing the amount of time you do them slowly

Answerrun and stair stepper Answer

Building leg muscle is something in today's society that isn't thought of as much as upper body strength that most people crave, and this is what the majority of the population start to think. However it is just as important as any other body muscle.

Exercise for our legs? Running. Its continuous movement of legs, requiring muscular endurance around the calves, quadriceps and thigh muscles. Continuous use of the legs in strength training will force the body to first:

  • Loose the fat around these areas mentioned. Then shortly afterwards...
  • Build muscle in these areas.

There's also cycling. Continuous leg movement which targets the upper leg rather than the calves, however can be still beneficial. Setting the bike on a high gear forces the thighs and quadriceps to work harder, although the calves will not receive as much of a workout.

Squats are good, using the proper technique will help build leg muscle quickly. However its important to make sure you can comfortably do a good amount of squats with the weight you've set yourself. If you can only do five or so, you're at risk of damaging your muscles and back. If you can do heaps without stopping, you're not working out and should probably select something heavier.

Of all these activities though I would choose running. It develops leg muscle very prominently if done persistently and can bring other vital fitness benefits including increased cardiovascular performance.

2011-06-26 07:58:06
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Q: How can you build up the muscles in your legs?
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Which muscles are easier to build?

pretty easy muscles to build are the bicepts and legs

How do you build muscles in your legs?

by running

Does cycling build your muscles?

Definitely, especially the muscles in your legs.

How do you build muscle if you have long arms and legs?

it doesn't matter how long your limbs are, through stretches and exercises you can build up your muscles.

What can you do to increase the return of blood back to the heart?

Exercise to build up muscles in legs. When sitting elevate legs higher than heart.

Why do people squat?

people squat to build up the muscles on their legs, it also can help with your explosive- ness when jumping or running.

Is swimming strenuous?

kind of, but it helps build all your muscles and not just your arms or legs.

Where do the hydrogen ions build up?

in muscles

If your stomach is fat and your legs are skinny what can you do to balance the shape of your body?

get on a good diet and do sit-ups daily and do leg squats to build up your leg muscles.

How can you build muscles up on your upperbody?

To build muscles on your upper body,you have to keep lifting weight and press up for at least four times in a week

How can you make your legs look wider or fatter if you have chicken legs?

TO make your legs thicker try to build up muscle in your legs running, biking etc. buiding muscle in your legs is better than trying to build up fat

What did Nelson Mandela do to stand up?

He used his legs and muscles in his legs to have the strength and power to stand up from his sitting position.

What are ankle weight supposed to do?

Build muscles in your legs when you strap them around your ankles and exercise with your legs. Then when you take them off, your legs will retain the impression of the ankle weights and make moving your legs seem easier.

What do muscles build up after overworked or soreness?


Does Taylor Lautner have muscles in his legs?

yes.. everyone has muscles in their legs

Are there fast twitch muscles in your legs?

There are fast twitch muscles fibers in all of your muscles, especially in your legs.

Why does lactic acid build up in joints during exercise?

lactic acid build up in the muscles not the joints

What bulids up muscles?

actually you need to have some protein in order to build up your muscles and you need exercise too.

How do you build up chest muscles?

push ups obviously -.-

How do you stop getting sore calf muscles when you go for runs?

You stretch, make sure you warm up before you run and stretch afterwards so the acid does not build up in your legs OR don't run. Your Chose

Why do muscles burn when we are running?

It's a build up of lactic acid. The muscles cannot process the waste products (from rapid exercising) quickly enough, and this builds up in the tissues as lactic acid. Eventually the levels get so high that the muscles seize-up.

What causes pain and fatigue in muscles?

The build-up of lactic acid in muscles are the reason for fatigue and pain.

What kind of tissue makes up the muscles in your arms and legs?

skeletal muscle

What type of tissue makes up the muscles in your arms and legs?

skeletal muscle

What sports do you gain the most muscle in?

Participating in a sport has the benefit of actually building up the muscles one needs to play the game better. Sports that require strength to play build the muscles. The list of sports that do this are the following, with the recognition that any list cannot be complete: 1. Marathon & long distance running; running for 2 hours in a marathon will build up all one's leg muscles; 2. Swimming; this sport builds up many muscles in the arms & legs; 3. Weightlifting; the act of lifting heavy weights in a day long tournament will build up arm, leg and shoulder muscles; 4. Tennis; this is a long game and one's arm and leg muscles will benefit; 5. Football; there are many positions to play in this game, however, its safe to say that leg & arm muscles will be built up playing this sport.