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If you're coming here and asking such a question then I suggest that it is beyond your capabilities.

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Q: How can you build your own computer operating system and language?
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How c language helps in operating system?

c language helps to create securities create several programs to build the software{operating systems.

Why study computer architecture and organizations?

To build faster processor.. to choose a computer for a set of application in a project,to design a compiler or an operating system....

What are three operating systems of a computer?

operating system is microcmputer build around integrated circuit perform calculation, CPU central processing unit, chip referred to as microprocessor

Does a tv with build in wifi act exactly like a computer?

No more like a table or games console. I imagine that the TV operating system will limit what you can do.

Who owns the android operating system?

Google did not build Android. Linux is the rightful owner of Android. Linux built the operating system.

How hard is it to build a Linux system from scratch?

For a computer novice, building a Linux system is a daunting and complicated task. There are several online guides and other resources that can help you build a Linux system. However, it would be best to have some training concerning operating systems before one attempts to build their own Linux system.

What are the 5 mandatory parts that you need to build a computer?

There are various mandatory parts of a computer which are mentioned below:-Computer caseMotherboardProcessorMemory (RAM and Hard Disk)Keyboard/MouseMonitorOperating System

What feature of assembly language is required to build a two pass assembler?

In order to build a two pass assembler a assembly programming language should support macro processing, file inclusion. Its definition should be independent of any particular hardware or operating system.

Who has helped build and refine the Linux operating system?

Bob seger

How can you determine which Operating system is installed in your computer?

If it is a windows OS, it will appear on the loading screen (something like xp, 95, vista...) If you want more details like the version or build number, go to my computer and click "View system information".

What is the abbreviation form of DOS?

DOS stands for Disk Operating System.The operating system was originally developed at Seattle Computer Products as SCP-DOS. When IBM decided to build a personal computer and needed an operating system, it chose the SCP-DOS after reaching an agreement with the Microsoft Corporation to produce the actual operating system. Under Microsoft, SCP-DOS became MS-DOS, which IBM referred to as PC-DOS (personal computer), and which everyone eventually simply called DOS.Read more: what-does-dos-stand-for

Where is build ROM in computer?

basic input output system

When was the most recent windows operating system released?

The most recent Windows operating system was released on October 26, 2012. It was Windows 8, NT 6.2 (Build 9200). Since then NT 6.3 (Build 9364) has been released.

What is the contrast of the operating system before and modern operating system?

There is no such thing as a "modern" operating system. All operating systems in existence build upon designs and structures conceived over 25 years ago. The operating systems themselves have only been updated to use newer hardware and perform some new tasks.

List advantages and disadvantages of buildinga computer system?

Advantages: -You save lots of money -You get to know exactly what you're putting in it Disadvantages: -It requires time to build and install the operating system -You may run into problems if you do not know what you're doing.

What are the differences between operating system and application software?

Computers operating system or OS; are tools, by which we are able to logon to computer, a collection of computer programs which manufactures build into the computer, data, information stored of users, fonts and much more. Application software are extra programs that a person can purchase CD or by online download for your computer; photo shops, Microsoft office, suites, forms, there are many available. Usually can find these software programs in Best Buys, Fry's, Wall-mart has some.

What made the apple computer unique?

Their software and the fact that Apple not only builds the software but they also build the computer. Unlike Windows which only builds software and does not actually build the computer itself. Mac OSx does not operate like Windows. There is no registry and there has never been a real world virus infect OSx. OSx is based on the Unix operating system and is nothing like Windows.

How do you build your own data recovery lab?

You will need physical servers, operating system, switches and backup device.

Is single user Operating system is a single tasking operating system?

The two concepts build upon each other. A single tasking (ST) operating system is necessarily a single user (SU) operating system, but a single user operating system may be a multi-tasking (MT) operating system. For example, MS-DOS is a SU, ST operating system (there was only one "user" and only one program could run at a time), Microsoft Windows 3.1 was a SU, MT operating system (only one user could be logged in at a time, but multiple tasks could run at once), and Windows XP is a multiple user (MU), MT system, as multiple users could be logged in at once, and multiple tasks could be run at once. There is no known example of a MU, ST operating system.

What is a tool used to build a prototype of a new computer system and to evaluate its design?


What is the best first computer language to learn?

Python is good. But not if you wont to build on that language as python is pretty much python only, as well as pygame which is fun.

Which vulnerability scanner tool can be used to build a map of a system's open port or operating system version?

network mappers

What is the average cost of a computer in 2012?

Depends on what you are looking for. If you are looking for a gaming computer, you can build your own for about $600 and get a pretty descent system.

What year was the first computer network created?

The first computer network was build in Ukraine by Sergei Lebedev for the USSR anti missile system. The system was completely implemented in 1960.

Where is the Linux operating system used?

Operating systems using Linux are often found on servers, many popular sites' servers run Linux because of its stability and performance. Linux is also used by people wanting to learn how to build a kernel thru example, because Linux is open source, they can. Linux is also used by people who want to build a custom operating system for their needs.