How can you burn 3500 calories a day?

  • To burn 3500 calories a day would be very hard. It may take a long time to burn so many calories with a single workout session, but who says a workout session is the only tool you have to burn thousands upon thousands of calories? However, 3500 calories per day would be unrealistic.
  • One contestant on the Biggest Loser TV show said it was her goal for the day. The contestants on that show, however, are medically supervised and have personal trainers. Other people may burn 3500 calories per day in extreme circumstances, perhaps after eight or nine hours manual labor followed by four or five hours in the gym. Perhaps you can do it too. However, to do it you would need to exert yourself like a machine.
  • 3,500 calories per day is unrealistic. In any event, consult with your medical practitioner before drastically changing your exercise habits.
  • One of the only ways to burn a pound of fat a day is to go on a water-fast. You would burn about a pound of fat per day starting on day 4. Your body would also burn calories to clean out your body, so it's pretty much the only way to achieve this goal.