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How can you burn fat off your breasts?

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You cannot pick and choose where to burn fat. If you work out, you will lose it evenly everywhere. You can tone certain areas, but cannot lose fat in just one place.

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Will sit-ups make your breasts smaller?

No. Your breasts consist of mainly fat. Crunches hardly burn any fat.

Does circuit training burn off fat?

yes it does the more you do the more weight you burn off...

Does dance help burn fat?

Yes ,dance helps burn off fat, i am a dancer and it really helps me alot

What are breasts maqde of?

you start off with a muscle, and then fat makes them bigger! so fat, tissue, and muscle!

Where does fat go when you burn it off?

The toilet when you have a dump

What does matabolism do for the human body?

burn off fat

How can you burn fat off your'e body?


Why do you have small breasts if you are fat?

if your far and have small breasts it means that not much fat I'd getting into your breasts

Do onions and garlic burn off body fat?

No. Not to my knowledge.

When you burn off fat where does it go?

it comes out of your excretion system

What type of food product makes your breasts bigger?

so for best performance eat fatty foods and burn of the calories by excersing as long as you do not excersice your pectoralis major or they'll burn up the fat in the breasts as well (chest muscles) I have heard that fennel can also increase the size of breasts.

Will fat ever evaporate?

fat never evaporates. it sits in your body. you exercise to burn it off.

How do you lose fat from your thighs if your 13?

Diet and excercise. You cannot target a specific region for taking off fat. The fat will burn off from anywhere it is located.

Is it possible to live with a diet one third fat one third sugar and one third alcohol?

not and be healthy. The sugar will turn to fat if you don't burn it off, the alcohol will turn to fat if you don't burn it off and you have no nutrients to give you energy to use to burn it off. Sounds like a combination for a Tired burned out drunk.

How fast do crunches burn the fat in your belly?

Crunches by themselves will not burn off belly fat. They will however strengthen and tone the muscles. A much more efficient way of burning off belly fat is diet and whole body exercise.

Do you burn off sodium without sweating?

You don't burn off sodium as you do fat or carbohydrates. Rather you excrete it and other minerals in your urine.

What exercises will make your breasts grow?

Breasts are fat tissue. If you exercise, you'll burn fat. Therefore, if you want bigger breasts, you need to eat as much as you can and not exercise at all.None, they are not a muscle. Just make sure to drink the reccomended daily amount of milk or eating the equivalent of it in dairy products.

Do grapefruit and kelp burn off body fat?

Are you a Curves lady?

What can be converted to body fat?

Calories can become fat if you do not burn them off, along with monosaccharides (the monomers of carbohydrates).

Do fat burning supplements burn fat or also muscle?

when you burn off fat you will always burn of muscle too, but if you diet and exercise correctly you muscle burn off will be minimal. The fat burning supplements don't actually burn off fat, they just increase you metabolism

How long does it take to burn off 1 carbohydrate?

It really depends. 1 carb is equal to about 4 calories. So burn 4 calories per carb. Then there is fat. Fat takes about 9 calories to burn. So burn 9 calories per gram of fat. After that is Protein and you would not want to burn off protein. So make sure you still have about 10 pounds of body fat left if you are a kid. Or 15 pounds of body fat if your an adult.

How can you make your breasts bigger on your own?

put on a bit of weight then only burn off the parts you want to

Can HIIT burn man breasts?

Depends on what/how much you're eating. If you're overeating badly, no amount of training will get you slim. But if you manage your diet, exercise can sure help with fat burn.

What does burn rate mean on Wii Fit?

It means how well you burn - off fat from your body and how substantially you jog.

Are breasts muscle or fat?

excess fat