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Q: How can you change the letter assigned to your hard drive?
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Which letter is assigned to the primary hard drive?

Generally it is 'c' drive.

What letter of the alphabet is assigned to a Hard drive?


How do you determine which drive is the CD-ROM drive?

If there is one partition in a hard disk and one CD device then the default drive letter assigned is D. Else, If there are two partitions in a hard disk and one CD device then the default drive letter assigned is E. Else, If there is only one partition in a hard disk and two CD devices then the default drive letters assigned to both CD devices are D and E.

How many hard disk drives are listed and which drive letter are assigned to them?

You have no hard drives listed. You have the ability to assign any drive letter (except the Main 'C' ) to your hard drives using "Computer Management"

What is hard drive Q for?

Any hard drive can be assigned any letter. It is possible that drive Q could be a network location on another computer, or a virtual drive created by a program on the computer.

What is the default letter assigned to the primary hard drive?

Most of the time it's C/ but you can rename it what ever.

What letter represents a computer's hard drive?

Most commonly it is C drive but Hard drives can use any letter in the Alphabet (A-z. Usually when a floppy drive is available it makes itself A drive. and a dvd/cd player usually makes itself D or E. but these are automatically assigned these letters and you can change the letters of the drive (not by renaming won't work like that).

Which is the default letter assigned for the primary hard drive?

In the IBM and Microsoft DOS, Windows and OS/2 platform, the primary hard drive is assigned the letter C and is referenced as C:. In the Unix/Linux related environment, its name depends on the type of drive and connection such as sda hda fda but when mounted it is referenced as the root directory (or "/").

The hard disk is usually assigned to drive?


Why is a hard drive called a hard drive?

Hard versus soft media (floppies) or cassette tapes back in the early days. Drive due to the drive assignments made by the operating system A and B were assigned to removable media (present or not) and the master hard drive was assigned C, in DOS of course.

How do you assign the same drive letter all the time?

Each hard disk can only have one Drive letter. You can't have two drives labeled "C" for instance. However, if you are asking about a USB device getting the same letter, then the best way to make sure you get the same letter is to keep that device always connected. Once you disconnect such device, then all bets are off. Say that you have for example an external hard drive (assigned to F) and a USB flash drive (assigned to G). If you disconnect them both and tomorrow (or even today) you connect the USB flash drive first and the hard drive next, then the flash drive will get the letter F and the external hard drive will get the letter G. This is based on the fact that the computer assigns letters based on what is already connected and goes down the alphabet in order from there on regardless of what you connect next.

When a hard drive is first sensed by Windows it is assigned the disk status?


If only one hard disk is installed on a windows server 2003 system what disk number will be assigned?

The default is C: that is the default drive letter, the default drive number is Disk 0

Is there anyway to transfer windows 7 to your second hard drive and keep all the programs on your first hard drive without having to reinstall them?

probably not because the registry is set up for a certain drive letter. the most common is C: if you just change the hard drive letter then the programs won't work.

When a hard drive is first sensed by windows it is assigned to what disk status?

basic disk status

What does the word unallocated mean?

"Allocated" is similar in meaning to "assigned" or "allotted." Unallocated space on a hard drive, for instance, is space that has not be assigned to any partition.

What is the default letter assigned for primary hard drive?

In Windows, it is called "C:" (without quotes). In Linux, it is called "/" (also without quotes). I don't know about Mac, sorry.

What is the Default drive letter for a hard drive?

Default drive letter for a hard drive is C On my computer there were two hard drives installed, and the second was D CD drive is E USB ports are F, G, H, I, J, and K on mine

What is the likely drive letter for a UBS drive?

drive letter of an USB drive can be any letter from E to Z, It also can be D if you don't have DVD drive connected to the computer &C is the hard-disk drive needed for the Windows. It depends on the hard disk partition you had made.

How do you recover unallocated hard disk space?

You have to create the primary partition, which will create a drive with assigned letter for you. Or you can create the extended partition where you can create logical drives it can be more than 1.

The drive letter for a floppy drive is usually what?

Drive A or Drive B as the hard disk was usually Drive C

What derermines the drive letter when installing a second hard drive?

operating system

Which letter is consider for hard disk Drive- is it C or D drive?

Both letters are for Hard Disk drive because one hard disc is compartmentalized and these are named C drive, D drive & E Drive etc.

What is an c drive?

C: drive is the main hard drive on your computer. Hard drives are identified by letter, with C: being reserved for the first bootable drive in a computer.

In the Windows operating system the hard drive is represented as the?

Your hard drive is not part of the OS however it is where the OS is saved. Your Hard Drive is your file storage, all of your files go there. The larger the Hard Drive the more storage room you will have. The hard drive is usually represented by the letter C.