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you need to get a win xp pro disk and do a upgrade. put the CD in the drive and restart the computer and follow the prompts to UPGRADE. I do not recomend the full install option unless you truly know what your doing. ALWAYS BACK UP YOUR DATA FIRST!!!! Windows installs rarely go smoothly.

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Q: How can you change your OS from Windows XP Home Edition to Windows XP Professional?
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How to remove xp professional and use xp home edition?

You can not simply remove the Professional option from XP and revert back to Home. To take a machine from Windows XP Professional to Windows XP Home you would first need to wipe the machine (format the hard drive), then reinstall the Windows XP Home operating system. It makes little sense to do so, however, because Windows XP Professional is a hardier operating system and can perform better network tasks than Windows XP Home. Windows XP Professional Edition is the business edition of Windows XP Windows XP Home Edition is the home edition of Windows XP you cannot replace XP Professional with XP Home Edition unless you erase the windows installation and start over why would you want to do this XP Professional contains all the features of Windows XP Home Edition

Which operating systems run SimCity Societies?

The only operating systems that run "SimCity Societies" include: Windows Vista Home Edition, Windows Vista Professional, Windows Vista Media Center Edition, Windows 7 Home Premium, Windows 7 Home Edition, Windows 7 Professional, Windows 7 Ultimate, Windows 8 Home Edition, Windows 8 Home Premium, Windows 8 Professional, Windows & Ultimate, and last but not least the: Mac OS X Snow Leopard.

What are the four versions of Windows 2000?

windows 2000 Professional windows 2000 sever windows 2000 standard edition windows 2000 home edition

I recently purchased a computer with Windows 7 home edition. Now I have a Windows 7 professional. How do I upgrade my computer to Windows 7 professional?

Well, you will either need to buy the professional edition of windows 7, or use a torrent site to get it.

Which one is better winows xp home edition or windows xp professional?


How many products are in the Windows Xp family?

There were 10 products in the Windows XP family of operating systems. These included Windows XP Home, Professional, Media Center Edition, Tablet PC Edition, and the Professional x64 Edition.

How many editions of Windows XP are available?

1. Windows XP Starter Edition -This edition was for first time PC users in developing countries. This edition will only run three applications at once. 2. Windows XP Home Edition -This edition was for home users, and replaced Windows 9x/ME. 3. Windows XP Home Edition N -Windows XP Home Edition N was a special edition for the European market without the media player. 4. Windows XP Professional -Professional was for both businesses and home users, and replaced Windows 2000 Professional. 5. Windows XP Professional N -Professional N is a special edition of XP Professional that was for the European market without media player. 6. Windows XP Media Center Edition -Windows XP Media Center was a version for Media Center PCs with an easy to use interface and remote control support. 7. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition -Windows XP Tablet was a version for Tablet PCs with pen and speech capabilities. 8. Windows XP Professional x86 Edition -Windows XP Professional x86 Edition was strictly for AMD64/EMT64 64-bit processors.

Name the five version of Windows xp?

Windows XP Home EditionWindows XP ProfessionalWindows XP Tablet PC EditionWindows XP Media Center EditionWindows XP 64-bit Edition

Difference between Windows XP professional and Windows XP home operating systems?

Windows XP Pro is for business and home users. Windows XP home edition is for home users.

The Windows XP tablet PC edition operating system is an extension of Windows XP home edition?

No. Windows XP Tablet PC Edition is Windows XP Professional with additional features included for supporting tablet PCs.

What are the different versions of Windows XP?

The different versions of Windows XP are: (1) Windows XP Professional (2) Windows XP Home Edition (3) Windows XP Media Center Edition (4) Windows XP Tablet PC Edition (5) Windows XP Professional x64 Edition (fka Windows XP 64-bit Edition)

Which of the following Oss can be upgraded to windows XP professional?

Windows home edition Windows 98 windows NT 4.0 workstation windows 2000 professional

Can you upgrade to Windows XP Home Edition from Windows 2000 Professional?

Not directly. You can format the hard drive and install Windows XP cleanly. You can upgrade directly to Windows XP Professional (which is more expensive).

Which operating systems can be upgraded to Windows XP Professional?

windows xp home edition windows 98 windows NT 4.0 workstation windows 2000 professional

What is the difference between Windows XP Home Edition and Windows XP Professional?

Windows XP Professional differs from the Home Edition mainly in its support for a few business-class networking technologies, namely joining a Windows Server domain and containing a version of IIS. It also supports two physical processors, unlike the Home Edition, which permits only one physical die (but it can have any number of cores).

What are the 2 major editions of Windows XP?

In my own opinion the 2 major editions of windows xp are home edition and professional.

What Windows XP Edition is used for high-end gaming computers?

Professional x64 There is no particular edition suited for gaming. Both the Home Edition and the Professional Edition offer the same features and performance in relation to games.

Does Pro Tools 7.0 LE work with Windows Vista?

No works with only the operating systems Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition.

Is Microsoft Windows XP home edition an operating system desinged for entertainment and home use?

What is different between Home Edison and professional

What versions of Microsoft Windows require product activation?

Windows XP Home Professional Windows Vista Home Basic Windows Vista Home Premium Windows Vista Business Windows Vista Ultimate Windows Vista Enterprise Windows 7 Starter Windows 7 Home Premium Windows 7 Professional Windows 7 Enterprise Windows 7 Ultimate and the upcoming version of Windows 8 Microsoft said Windows 8 will only be available in Home Premium and Professional there will not be a ultimate edition of Windows 8 the Professional will be the ultimate edition of Windows 8 Windows 8 Home Premium is for Home users and people who like to record and watch TV and do stuff in the home setting the Home Premium allows home users to connect to the internet and send email Windows 8 Professional is for the small business users this is the same as the Ultimate Windows 7 and Vista Ultimate you have the same features as Windows Vista and Windows 7 as i stated earlier in this article Windows 8 will require activation just like Windows 7 Vista and XP Home and XP Professional you may only use your Windows on one PC

Which Windows Edition includes all the features of Windows XP Professional and provides additional features for the personal computer used as a home entertainment computer?

Windows 8

Will Microsoft office professional 2010 work with operating system Windows 7 home edition 2010?

Yes, it will.

What is in xp professional?

Its Very similar to Windows XP Home Edition. Except it is more suitable to use with servers because the login screen requires you to typing the name of your User. If a large server was using Windows XP Home Edition the login screen would be very chaotic. That is why they use Windows professional in schools. windows professional gives computer Administrators more power that's why it is so popular in offices, schools and colleges etc.

Why is Windows 7 ultimate edition ultimate?

Because it is ultimately created by Microsoft. The Ultimate edition has all the features of both Home Premium and Professional.

Which is better Windows XP Professional or Windows XP Home Edition?

Neither is "better" or "worse" per se. They are virtually identical in device drivers, program support, and general functionality. Windows XP Professional includes a few additional features intended for businesses and power users. If you don't need these features, the Home Edition provides absolutely no advantage and costs a lot more.