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First of all if you believe you have purchased a stolen vehicle the first thing you need to do is secure the history of the vehicle by obtaining a history report, you can do this by using the vehicles vin number, located on the driver's side at the base of the Windshield and dashboard. After you have obtained the history of the vehicle and you still suspect that it may be stolen; make arrangements with a Police Detective from your local Police Department to visit with him regarding this matter. Make sure you bring with you all the documentation that was provided when purchasing the vehicle i.e., you will need the Title, any receipts from the purchase, bank statements reflecting the loan you obtained for the vehicle and a detailed history of all payments made, you will need to provide the tag and registration receipts, current insurance information, and the contact information for the individual you purchased the vehicle from. If it was a cash transaction then you will obviously not have any of the banking information described above. If that is your circumstance then you need to bring the transaction receipt as well as the other items mentioned above. Usually when someone purchases a vehicle without needing to obtain a loan they use a cashier's check or money order and most likely will have to withdrawal the funds from their bank prior to doing this. Under these circumstances you need to visit your bank; speak privately with a personal banker and explain your situation, ask them for any documentation they can provide showing the date and time of the withdrawal and a receipt for the cashier's check or money order you obtained to purchase the vehicle. If you obtained the money order from a separate institution i.e., a Super Markey, Gas Station, etc...Etc... Then you need to visit that location as well and obtain the original Money Order receipt, most likely they will refer you to the company that provides the Money order and from them you will be able to secure a receipt. In the rare case that someone has purchased the vehicle using cash, then you will need to provide some kind of documentation showing when and where you obtained the cash and the money order or cashier's check receipt. I know it seems like a big hassle and I assure you it will be. You will have to provide allot of documentation to prove that you believed you were buying a vehicle legitimately. Carrying auto insurance and updating the tag yearly will help prove your innocence, people usually don't pay TT&L and carry insurance on a vehicle if they stole it or purchased it knowing it was stolen. DO NOT just go into the Police Department and say "I think I bought a stolen vehicle" you will be detained while your vehicle's origin is verified and then if it is stolen you will possibly be arrested and charged until you can provide the above mentioned documentation. Unfortunately as a Detective I have seen this allot and it's a real shame, you work hard to make your payments, you take care of it, love it, and suddenly it's taken away. You will never forget this; it is a life altering experience that will affect all future vehicle purchases from that point forward.

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Q: How can you check if you bought a stolen car and if you have what do you do?
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How do you know if the car you just bought is stolen or not?

Contact you local police department. They can check and see if the car is stolen. You better get this taken care of immediately and find out for sure.

Your car has stolen or your car has been stolen?

Many online websites allow you to check if a car has been stolen or not. At stolen car check will help you to know these details.

is car stolen?

You can check whether your car is stolen or not just by having a number plate. The not only car you can go for stolen motorbike check incase you need to know whether your bike is stolen or not before buying it.

Do you get a check if you are financing the car when it was stolen?

You will still owe the money even if stolen. Your insurance carrier may give you a check for the difference of what you owe, minus the deductible and the fair market value. It never is equal to what the car was worth though. It is better to keep the car from being stolen. If you have bought the car from a car dealer they will be reimburse you however seek advice from your local citizens advice bureau. If the car was bought privately you will still be liable for the repayments however you should seek legal advice.

Car a finance company report your car as stolen?

Yes, they can. They can't finance you car if your car is a stolen car. When you put your car from a finance company, make sure that your car isn't stolen and bought it in a big car company.

Did Joey really steal the car on full house?

No, Joey didn't steal the car on Full House. He bought a stolen car and wasn't aware it was stolen.

How can you find out if a pistol you bought is stolen?

check with your local police department or state police. they can check it........

How do you find out if the i pod you bought is stolen?

check for any finger prints

What if dealership does not provide a title?

that means u just bought a stolen car.

How can a title be gotten for a car bought for parts the Vin showes its not stolen but would like to make it a driver again?

check with local dmv, abandoned title form.

What can one do with stolen and recovered cars in the UK?

If one receives a stolen or recovered car in a UK dealership, the best thing to do is to report it to authorities. If not reported, one can receive sentencing for driving a bought car that was actually stolen.

If a car you bought is found to be stolen should your insurance pay for it?

No, the seller is obligated to provide clean title. If the dealer has sold a stolen car, you should be able to get all of your money back.

Is vehicle vin 1ftyr10d93pb57507 stolen?

If you know the registration number of this vehicle, you can check easily by performing a online police stolen car check by paying a little money.

What happens after a repo man says he reported the car stolen?

If a finnancing reposesor has takin the car, and it was stolen from him. it would be listed as a stolen vehicle by the local police. when found would be immediately towed and impounded. until the "OWNER" of the car retrieves it.. Wich means the bank, or financing company that the car was bought from.

What can you do if you bought a car with the title but the car was later found out to be stolen?

You have to return the car to the authorities, because it was stolen from the original owner. If you keep the car you could be held as an accessory to car theft. You will get the money back for the car from the criminals through the court in the form of compensation.

How can i tell whether I bought a stolen atv?

In the UK - ask the police to do a PNC check on the VIN.

How can you check the car i bought is not stolen?

Use the VIN(Vehicle Identification Number) located on the dash visible from the outside in the lower corner of the front windshield on the driver side, and look it up, like on Carfax to see wether there is such a report on the car.

How do you find out the registered owner of a car?

you look up it's history of where they bought it and check where you bought it,

Car you return a new car after a purchase?

Depends where you bought it from, check with the dealer who sold it to you.

Your car was stolen you had to buy another car can the tote the note lot where you bought the first car sue you for the remaining balance?

Yes. You had a deal with the car company - you agreed to trade your money for their car. Then, when the car had become your responsibility it got stolen. The fact that you no longer have the car doesn't change what you had agreed with the company.

Why is a stolen car impounded after being found?

Answer Stolen cars are impounded for a few reasons. One would be that the Police might want to check it for finger prints. Another reason that the car would be impounded is if it was stolen, and the police think it was stolen too easily, they might want to check for Insurance Fraud and last but not least, they might impound a car while trying to find the owner.

Were the kids stolen in a car or truck in the book Stolen Children?

I am sure that the kid was stolen in the car.

Can you sue a place of business if your car is stolen?

no you can't sue but if your car is permanently stolen the you can get the dealer of your car to buy you a new one or you can put it onto your claims bonus and get your money back from what you originally paid for your car the first time you bought it. i hope i answered your question correctly.

If your car is stolen or totaled and you bought extra insurance with the purchase of the car will you be liable for the rest of the payments?

no unless there is some exclusion. (read the fine print)

Could you get in trouble for unknowingly buying a stolen car and selling it 7 yrs later finding out it was stolen 2 yrs later from the guy that bought it from you?

You would not be in trouble unless there was reason to believe you knew it was stolen and participated in selling stolen property.