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if you have more than one skateboard you can hit the nose or the tail fat on th ground with both boards. if they song different then ones waterlogged

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โˆ™ 2012-08-09 22:35:59
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Q: How can you check if your skateboard is waterlogged?
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How do you tell if you need a new skateboard?

usaully if it has around the wheels, it has no more pop, waterlogged, etc.

What happens if a skateboard gets wet?

It gets waterlogged, if it becomes waterlogged it does not pop as much, it sounds different and breaks alot easier. best to keep your decks out of the rain.

How much is a element skateboard?

check on check under skateboards

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How do you get a skateboard on free rider 2?

there is a site that you can play free rider 2 on with a skateboard....its on "" check it out That's The Real One.

Can you take a skateboard with you on a airline?

Yes I travel with my skateboard strapped to my backpack on carry-on all of the time. you can also check skateboards, but carrying on is safer and cheaper.

Is volcom skate brand?

No,it is not They are a Snowboard,Bmx,Skateboard and Fmx Brand check out there website

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Where can i build your own complete skateboard online?

Voodoo 13: AND a1skateboards are a couple to check out..

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What to put in a skateboard backpack?

A skateboard.

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Put it in direct sunlight.

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How do you use skateboard in a sentence?

My brother's skateboard is blue with white and black, he loves his skateboard.

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