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How can you check the codes on a 96 Honda Accord when the check engine light is on?


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First, if it is something like a loose gas cap, just tighten it and it will reset itself in the next 100 miles or so. If it is something else, like a leaky gas cap it will never reset. But to reset the OnBoardDiagnostic (OBD)Computer... Go to eBay and search "obdII" and buy one, they run about $50.00 including shipping. There are two types, ISO for Chrysler and some Japanese, and the other one for all the others like Ford and GM. There are several that are both, that is the kind you want. Be sure to email the eBay seller and ask if it is used with your year and model. (1996 was a changeover year for OBDII technology, so this advice may not apply to everybody--but the dealer service guy can tell you over the phone--ask him if it is OBDII compliant.) When you get it, you just plug it in and let it cycle 4 or 5 times and it resets everything. You then have to drive your car for 50 to 100 miles for the onboard computer to test everything, and in the meantime your car will fail smog checks because it has no history in the computer and the smog test procedure demands a history even if there is no pollution. Cut and Paste for a list of them for sale on eBay. Most units come with a list of generic fault codes so you can tell what the problem is, this could be very helpful.

On the west coast the Auto Zone parts stores lend OBD II diagnostic tools. You pay for the tool when you take it, your money is fully refunded when you return it, net cost zero.

The OBD II connector on a 96 Honda is hidden behind the ash tray under the radio. This is a very easy check for anyone to do. Don't be afraid to plug it in, turn on the car, and read the codes.

You can do it!

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the dealership has the codes also depending on which state your in theres Advace auto parts the have a book that has the codes the port to check the codes is under the dash

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Hook up a scan tool or take it to your dealer.

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have vehicle scanned to determine the problem and have codes cleared

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it's under the glove box [behind] to the far right [blue].

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