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Due to the laws in the UK pertaining to ownership and management of personal details, it is not possible to lawfully obtain an individual's criminal record as a private individual without the co-operation of the subject.

You can ask your ex-partner to submit a subject access request to the ACRO criminal records office, they will then issue him with a record of all information held about him on the Police National Computer (PNC). This can only be done with your partner's co-operation. Pressuring someone to perform a Subject Access Request is known as an 'enforced subject access' and is a criminal offence.

If you have children to which your ex-partner has access, and wish to know if he has a record of sexual offences against children, you can make a request to your local police under Sarah's Law (England and Wales) or under the Community Disclosure Scheme (Scotland). The Police will check the PNC and will inform you whether your partner has any record for child sexual offences. Unfortunately, Northern Ireland does not operate such a scheme.

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Unless he committed murder then there is no reason to keep going on or giving any thought to whether he has a criminal record or not. Let it go and move on.

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Q: How can you check whether your ex-boyfriend has a criminal record in the UK?
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