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How can you clean the calcium from the bottom of your swimming pool?


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Have the pool drained and acid washed.

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Turn the pool upside-down and knock on the bottom.

There are special vacuums designed for this. They suck up the water from the bottom and filter it.

Try CLR ( calcium lime rust ) remover, it is available at most supermarkets and home improvement stores.

you clean green algae off the bottom of the pool putting some chlorine in it and that should take care of it but if it doesn't then you should clean the bottom of the pool and do some scrubbing with your pool vacuum.

The closest you can come would be to use a floculent to settle the dirt to the bottom and then vacuum the bottom layer of water to waste.

Maybe, if the swimming pool must be cleaned frequently, would prevent the buildup of calcium. Try keeping the water "balanced" that will improve your odds.

no, the cloride you put in the swimming pool to keep ik clean, is toxic for fish

Usually any where inside the pool

The most common culprit is the use of calcium hypochlorite as a sanitizer.

Sediment collects on the bottom of all bodies of water - it will even collect in your (outdoor) swimming pool if you don't keep it clean.

Rephrase the question. What type of shock have you used? Is it a calcium based shock treatment? Supply more info.

The swimming googles are on the bottom of the pool.

Yes because if the pool is Not clean then bacteria is in the pool which causes his infection

Get a big net and get them out with a pool net

You can use a pool vacuum to clean dirt off the bottom of a pool. A pool vacuum clear is designed to be connected to a water source or it can be connected to your pool's circulation system.

Swimming pool covers are able to keep your pool insulated as well as clean. Leaves, grass, and other debris are less likely to enter the pool.

put you head under the water and swim in the direction of the bottom.

A good brand is Extreme Clean.

IMagime swimming in a pool full of trash :/

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