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I've used both Seafoam and Lucas with great results. I've also heard Techron is very effective, and even STP.

Pouring whatever cleaner you choose into the TB will NOT clean your injectors. A FI engine doesn't work that way. It MAY help clean carbon build up in the intake, but it won't do anything for the injectors. There are several articles on various Honda forums on how to use Seafoam to clean your intake.

To clean your injectors, simply pour your chosen cleaner into the fuel tank. Fill the tank to ensure mixing, and drive the car. I wouldn't refuel until you get to 1/4 tank or less.

Professional shops do offer fuel injector cleaning services. These vary in effectiveness. If you go the professional route, I'd stick with a Honda dealer, or an aftermarket Honda shop.

Try using Seafoam. Pour it lightly into your throttle body and then take the car out for a spin at wide open throttle. You will get a ton of smoke, but that's normal.

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Q: How can you clean the fuel injectors on a 1989 Honda Civic si by yourself?
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Does the 1995 Honda Civic 1.5 Gli autotrans have a filter?

No, the 1995 Honda Civic transmission does not have a filter. The fluid is recommended to be changed every 75,000 miles to ensure clean fluid is kept in the housing.

How can you remove the backseat to clean and reinstall it on a 99 Honda Civic?

The backseat is held on by mounting bolts. Removing the bolts will allow the backseat to pop off of the 1999 Honda Civic. Installation requires to mount the seats correctly.

Is the fuel injector on a 1990 Honda civic 1.5 the same as a 1.6 and how do you clean the fuel injectors?

No, 1990 1.6s are MPFI,(multi port Fuel injected) or fuel injected, and 1.5s are DPFI (dual point fuel injected) throttle body injected, they are completely different injectors, one motor has one for each cylinder, the other style has two for the whole motor, Injector cleaner can be used to clean injectors Searching for answers like this is much easier and faster from any search engine

How do you clean fuel injectors on a 1995 prism?

Clean fuel injectors are important in keeping an engine running smoothly. To clean the fuel injectors a person can take them out, clean them off, and by adding a cleaning agent to the gas tank to clean them from the inside out.

What is average cost to clean fuel injectors?

The average cost to clean fuel injectors is about $150. Fuel injectors are used to deliver fuel into an internal combustible engine.

Why After changing timing belt on 2003 Honda civic starter will not engage?


Your 1993 Honda civic idles high and low continiously between 500-1200 rpm any suggestions?

If the idle is erratic on a 1993 Honda Civic the IACV will need to be clean or replaced. The IACV controls the idle on the car and when it fails the car will not be able to maintain an idle.

How many quarts of Transmission Fluid do you need in a Honda Civic?

civic dx auto trans should not be flushed.Just drain pan and clean magnetic plug and add 3.2 litres of genuine Honda atf.Drain again in about 6 month so you capture the fluid in torque conv.

How do you make a Honda rancher es go faster?

Put two moth balls inside a FULL tank of gas. Also helps to clean out carb and injectors.

How do you clean carbuerator of a Honda accord 2000?

It's fuel injected and has no carburetor. Use a quality fuel injector cleaner such as Seafoam or Techron poured into the fuel tank every 6 months to keep the injectors clean.

How do you clean Yamaha four stroke outboard injectors?

You clean a four stroke injectors with Lucas injector cleaner at any auto parts store.

How do you clean fuel injectors on a 1997 s10?

To clean fuel injectors on a 1997 S10, first disconnect fuel pump from fuel injectors. Disconnect pressure regulator and connect the cleaning kit to the fuel port.

How do you clean the fuel injectors on a 2001 buick century?

Clean fuel injectors help to keep a car running well. A person can clean the fuel injectors on a 2001 Buick Century by adding fuel injector cleaner to their gas tank when its empty and about to be filled with gas.

Do you need rtv on a head gasket install on a Honda civic?

no need. just be sure to clean well both surfaces of the head and block and warfage too.

Can you clean the injectors yourself on a 02 ford escape V6 mine is still missing after changing the plugs and seeing all of the ignition coils fire?

Yea, a person can clean the injectors on their own. They have to use a variety of fuel injector cleaners from the store, and try the different ones after the gas tank has been filled.

How do you clean clog injectors on a 1995 Honda accord 2.2 vtec engine?

I suggest you purchase 2 cans of Seafoam FI cleaner and follow the directions on the cans. Can be purchased at most auto parts stores. If that does not work you may have to remove the injectors and have them professionally cleaned.

Will gas clean injectors in a diesel?

Gasoline will not dissolve the carbon deposits that clog the injectors but it will cause your engine to not start.

How to replace rear window glass of Honda civic?

The rear window glass on a Honda Civic is held in place by a silicone sealer. Remove the old glass be prying it away from the car. Clean off any residue of the sealant. Properly line up the window and use the silicone sealer to glue to window to the car.

What can carburetor cleaner do to a fuel injected engine?

Clean the injectors

Why does my Volkswagen polo not inject fuel even though the pressure is okay to injector?

your injectors are blocked replace or clean id clean because it cost's £167 each for the injectors new

Why is my 92 civic vx engine light is on and idles at 3000rpm and it's a d15z1 si and i just swaped engine and it doesn't run properly?

I had the same thing in my 1998 Honda Civic and it had to do with the intake manifold setup on the J spec motor. We replaced it with the original intake manifold off the stock motor that we were replacing (that was originally in the car) and the idle was fixed. You will want to clean your old intake manifold though so that you don't get a bunch of junk in your fuel injectors.

How do you clean fuel injectors 2002 ford explorer?

easiest way to clean injectors is to purchase a good (not cheap) injector cleaner, and add to you fuel tank. from experience, i double dose the amount first time round, then add correct amount to fuel about once a month. this will keep injectors clean and will not damage engine

1993 Honda civic that bogs but don't die does any one know What is wrong?

One of two possibilities: a faulty O2 sensor (mixture too rich) in which case the check engine light will come on, leaving a code. The other possibility is you might have a dirty injector and you should try and clean out the injectors by adding fuel injector cleaner when you gas up.

Can you clean injectors in a 300 six ford motor?

Any car with spark plugs will have cleanable fuel injectors, so yes.

How do you clean the engine on a 1997 Honda Civic?

If you mean the oustide of the engine then wash it just like you would wash the outside of your car. Otherwise I'd stay away from cleaning the inside.