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You need to take the gauges out and take the cluster apart to get to the inside of the cover. Maybe a manual from a parts store will have the correct procedure for this.

I suppose the 94 is like my 95. If so, this answer is wrong. Take the dash trim off. First, pull off the small trim pieces below the instrument cluster (marked with XLT if yours is an XLT like mine) (they pop off easy). There are a couple of screws behind the small trim pieces that hold the dash on partially. Remove these, then start easing the black dash panel (I presume they are all black, but I don't know that) off from the substructure. Be careful, this piece is also held on by push on clips at the top that can break (pretty easy, to my chagrin!). It will pop loose, but not off. The wires going to the rear window switch and the headlight knob are still in place holding it on. The headlight knob just pulls off, but the connector for the rear window needs to be released with a small screwdriver or something under the latch. Now the dash should come off over the top of the steering wheel. The plexiglass cover is held on by 7 brass screws. The top ones are difficult to get to, but I managed with a 7/32 ignition wrench. The rest can be taken off with a nut driver or socket.

Be careful cleaning the plexiglass cover - it scratches easy! I used ScratchX by Meguiar's and a drill based polishing pad to clean it. Mine was filthy, though, and others may be easy enough to clean by hand. I tried various cleaners to remove the grime, but they didn't work. Polishing it was wonderful, though, except for the few scratches I put in it by trying to clean it before I polished it. I had a 3M Headlight restoration kit left over from doing the headlights (fantastic job, BTW) and I used the polishing pad from the kit.

Reinstallation should be obvious, once you've gone through the removal steps. Be careful about the mounting clips. If you break them, Gorilla Glue works pretty good at repairing them, but it takes a long time to set up and it foams, so you might have to trim away some of the glue to make things fit properly.

I hope that helped.

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Q: How can you clean the inside of the Plexiglass that covers the instrument gauges on a '94 Ford Bronco?
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