How can you communicate better with your husband?


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There is a book called, "Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus" that deals with that particular subject. It really is as though we are separate species and speak a completely foreign language.One example in the book describes what a woman says and what the man hears. The woman might talk about how his mother spoils the kids. He HEARS that the wife wants him to talk to his mother about spoiling the kids. Often the wife just wants to talk about it, not wanting the husband to "fix" the problem, but men tend to perceive their roll as "fixer".Read the book, even if you have to check it out from the library.


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If he doesnt want to communicate anymore then dont visit him so nothing bad happens especially if he moved on. If he didnt and you divorced him then let him move on soon youll find someone better that you can have a fresh restart with.

The child is grown, and knows what the husband is like. Trust your child to do the right thing.

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Listen. Communicate. Remember things that are important to the relationship, such as your wife's birthday, your anniversary, and your children's birthdays.

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