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well if she was a faithful wife that you want to be with she woudnt be cheating on you in the first a jerk would say to make her jealous but i disagree.this problem has nothing to do with the man much larger than you. this is between you nad your wife, PS are you sure shes cheating on you.sorry im getting off track. anyway you shoudl talk to your wife. do you wnat to stay with her?how is this gonna work out? is this an affair/?talk to her about these topics. it is important to keep it steady and stable, a relationship that is. overall i think she souldnt be cheating on you if shes is your wife and i don't think that if she is you should be trying to get her ba\ck. give yourself some credit. you deserve better than that, after all you were the one who suppplied the money for housing, food and so on.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-13 04:44:59
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Q: How can you compete if your wife is cheating with a man much larger than you?
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