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How can you conceive a girl?

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there's no tried and trusted way..but scientists believe that if you have sex within three to six days BEFORE ovulation day, you are more likely to get a girl because female sperm are stronger, but slower. and boy sperms are faster yet weaker. therefore, if you have sex farther away from your ovulation day (but within 6 days prior to ovulation day) then the boys die because they are weaker but most girls are slower, but stronger and stick around longer. There is no way to conceive a girl. It just happens. It just depends upon how the male chromosomes (XY) pair up with the female chromosomes (XX). Just pray for a healthy child and if you are meant to have a daughter, you will. Good luck!
You would have to know when you ovulate (in advance). The therory is that you should have intercourse two to three days BEFORE ovulation--because the sperm carrying the female genes survive longer--. And you should have intercourse the day of or the day after ovulation to conceive a boy. The sperm carrying the male genes are somewhat weaker than the female genes, so they don't last as long. There are ways to know when you are going to ovulate... I would suggest googling "NFP" and you can get a lot of information there. Good luck!

2010-04-15 01:20:20
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Q: How can you conceive a girl?
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They can adopt a child or conceive one by means of artificial insemination.

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Stop trying to conceive a certain sex and be happy with the fact that you can conceive period! there is nothing you can do to make it a boy or girl, this all depends on the male's sperm. Remember, there are people who cant even conceive, so appreciate what you have and whatever you get!

How long does it take for a baby to conceive?

A baby can not conceive until he or she has reached sexual maturity. For a girl that is when her period starts, for a boy it is when semen is able to be ejaculated.

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To conceive a girl try "Shettles Method", 80% chance of a girl! There is a lot of discussion about various theories on the internet, see "Related Links"

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yes a girl can get pregnant when she has her period...thats how majority of persons who cannot conceive succeed by having sex on their "day" .

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There is no know way, but some people say that it depends on the acidity or alkalinity or your vagina.

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If you are the religious type you can pray but there is really nothing you can do to control it unless you get help from a doctor in a lab.

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I believe having sex will help you conceive!

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To conceive is to become pregnant. Pregnancy means conception has occurred. How you conceive--or become pregnant--is through sexual intercourse, with penis in the vagina.

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"Think pink" essentially means "think girly." When trying to conceive a girl, women are often told to think pink in hopes of increasing the likelihood of having a girl.

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