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to control your emotions:

this happens to everybody. it's normal, but you can control it.

let's just say:

a person is mean to you and hits you. Sometimes you can't control for vengeance and you want to hit him/her back. well that doesn't work.... if the person hits you, let him be......there will be consequences. that is his/her problem. If you do the same thing back to him/her. the problem will be yours too. there is no use for revenge. because if that someone does a sin to you, and you do that same sin back to him/her, you also sin. so you don't need vengeance.... Just forgive.

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What is a sentence for the word emotions?

Control your emotions and feelings. Don't let them control you.

From where do we get our Emotions and feelings?

In terms of biology, our Limbic System is in control of our emotions and the emotions we experience.

What are Jasper's special powers?

he can feel the emotions that people have and he can control emotions

Who said 'Control your emotions or they will control you'?

Duff Brenna

What is pathokinesis?

The ability to control emotions.

How do you control moodswings?

You can control your moodswings when you learn to control your emotions and the expressions in your face. To master your emotions and expressions you need to keep calm and carefully and mentally analyse the situation.

What are the benefits of controlling your emotions?

Controlling emotions is a very good trait. A person who can control the emotions are the ones who can get emotionally strong.

Which one of the Cullens can control other peoples emotions?

Jasper Cullen can edit your emotions.

How to control your emotions?

Emotions are controlled by 1. Suppression 2. Expression 3. Sublimation.

When your period is late do your emotions control it?

your emotions dont control but, but you can make your self late. if you are stressed or worried about being pregnant you can cause you period to be late, its not controld by emotions but stress dosent help

Why are emotions seen as weaknes?

Emotions can be your weakness and your strength as well. That totally depends on the person who is carrying those emotions.

Why can't I control your emotions?

Primarily because I won't let you control my emotions. Likely as not, if you are in any way similar to the other 7.5 billion people on the planet, you have little control of your own emotions. Therefore, it would not be a good idea to let you control mine.Emotions are universal.There can not be your emotion and mine.Communication made possible through language because of emotions only.Controlling emotion is in vain but awaring may be possible which leads to understanding what emotion is.

Does the medulla oblongata control emotions?


Does the mid brain control emotions?


Does the limbic system control your emotions?


The emotive force of terms is part of their literal meaning?

to express your emotions or take control of your emotions

Are all people born with emotions?

Emotions is a natural characteristic present in everyone. Some people hide their emotions some of them control their emotions and some of them show off their emotions. Thats the only difference.

What is an ability that allows the individual to control people and events with emotions and thoughts?


What is the constitutionally based individual differences in emotions activity and self-control?

"Constitutionally based individual differences in emotions activity and self-control" would be a useful and appropriate definition of TEMPERAMENT.

What is emotion development?

A child's increasing awareness and control of their emotions and how the child reacts to these emotions in a given situation.

How can you always control your emotions?

Controlling emotions is a difficult process. It is one way of controlling a natural phenomenon.

What does self control mean?

Self control is control of one's emotions, desires, or actions by one's own will.

The limbic system is involved in control of?

B. emotions

What does emotionally stable mean?

It means you have control of your emotions

Why is there a need to control your emotions?

good luck to all of you....