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How can you control your anger?



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How do you control your anger. Well me myself used to get so angry that I slit myself but I am now under control. To control anger there are 4 main ways:

1) Take your anger out on a pillow, blanket, etc. by punching that object until your not so angry.

2) Tell some one about it. Tell a friend, mom, dad, brother, sister, etc.

3) Distract yourself from your anger. Do this by playing video games, play some music or watching TV, etc. It's very helpful if you choose something that will give you satisfaction or accomplishment. That's when grandma used to turn all the mattresses and change all the sheets.

4) Laugh it Off. Yes, simply laughing it off can help it go away. Get someone to tell you a joke or watch a comedy. Or just laugh at your own foolishness at getting yourself into this position yet again.


You can learn about all the different emotions (there are many) and it can help you determine why you having trouble with anger. Sometimes when a person has been hurt emotionally by someone they love whether it's a parent, boyfriend/girlfriend, partner, etc. they can end up with an underlying anger problem after the initial hurt feelings. It all depends on the circumstances. Everyone gets angry at times so that part is normal. You have to learn that throughout life there will be people and situations that can drive you right up the wall into a spastic anger fit. You have to learn to let a lot of it go when it's not really important - for example, not getting your way with something in a minor situation, someone pulling out in front of you while driving, someone cutting in line, stuff like this - small but annoying stuff. There is usually some underlying issue that needs to be resolved before anger can be controlled well. If you are not aware of what it is or if you are and you cannot resolve the issue it would be good to see a counselor who can help you work through it and resolve the issue. You can google emotional intelligence and learn a vast amount of information that can be helpful to you. I personally think every high school in the country should require a class on emotional intelligence before a person can graduate. The world would be a much better place from it. You might also want to think of how bad it looks when someone throws a temper fit in front of others. For an adult to display anger in this manner it makes them look childish, immature, and out of control of their own emotions. The people that are around them on a regular basis become uncomfortable and uneasy because they don't know when another explosion of anger will occur. In addition, people lose a lot of respect for someone who cannot control their anger. They will start avoiding you, not want to be around you, and many times will make fun of you either to your face and/or behind your back. You can basically become an object to avoid. No one wants to deal with a person who has anger explosions. You will alienate everyone around you and no one wants that for themselves. This in itself should be a good incentive to controlling your anger. Count to ten, walk away from the situation, stick your head in a pillow and scream, go for a run, listen to music that will help you calm down and then figure out what it is that is triggering the anger and why it makes you so angry. Maybe it's the people around you. Maybe they are the problem. Maybe they make everyone around them angry. There are people out there like that. Write down what is making you so angry and think about why it is making you angry. If you are a student in school talk to a school counselor. If you are older find a good counselor if you can afford one and if you can't there are usually county or state owned facilities that offer counseling. There are actually anger management books and classes. You can most likely find a anger management book at the local library. You can look up anger management on line and get good tips. Just do something because out of control anger will make your life miserable and it can actually cause physical harm to you over an extended period of time. You can get stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches, and you can eventually end up with heart trouble later down the road. There is nothing good at all about uncontrolled anger. I wish you the best.


I usually read. Your mind is so concentrated on the words and you forget the reason why you are angry. Other ways I noticed have worked include writing. Anything with words if you know what I mean.


For me, I listen to piano instrumentals.