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How can you control your hunger when dieting?

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This is a question that we weight watchers ask all the time. The first thing you have to do is ask yourself questions. "Am I really hungry?" "Am I bored?" "Am I upset about something?" Most of the time the answer is probably yes to the latter two questions. Be honest with yourself! The next thing you have to conquer is how to resist the compelling urge to eat. If you are so inclined, exercise. Take a walk. Make a phone call. Answer emails or write a letter. Knit or sew! ANYTHING TO KEEP YOUR HANDS AND MIND BUSY! If you are really hungry - and I'm assuming it's at an inconvenient time - make sure you have appropriate snacks, i.e. fruit, veggies or 100 Calorie packs of cookies, crackers, etc. Doesn't it sound so simple? I wish it were! My friends and I fight this battle every day! I've been to Weight Watchers and NEVER felt hungry. I follow the diet correctly and you can have as many veggies as you want, plus some fruits (low in sugar.) Instead of reaching for chips or junk food in general reach for some icy cold carrot strips, celery, red/green pepper slices and if need be then get some low ranch salad dressing (1 1/2 teaspoons) and dip your veggies in that. Many times we aren't hungry at all, but thirsty, so when hungry try drinking 8 ounces of water (cold) and this feeling will disappear. If not, start eating those veggies! Weight Watcher's diet (I call it corrective eating) is the most successful one around and not one of the members I've been around at the meetings have complained about being hungry because they follow the book that is given to teach you have to eat correctly.

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What leads to Bulimia?

severe hunger caused by strict dieting makes her lose her self-control and she starts to eat a lot.

What are three negatives of dieting?

hunger,possible anorexia and illness

What causes strong hunger pain when dieting?

a drop in blood suger

Does gum help control hunger?

Yes! Studies show that chewing gum can help you to control your hunger.

A poor method of weight control is?

"See-Saw" dieting.

Does the hypothalamus control thirst and hunger?


Does left side of brain control your hunger pains?

Neither the left nor the right side of the brain control hunger pains. The limbic system of the brain that is located underneath the temporal lobes controls hunger pains.

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What happens in the hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is involved in:Autonomic ControlEndocrine ControlHomeostasisMotor ControlThirst and hungerSleep-Wake Cycles

What is the puropse of the hypothalamus?

The hypothalamus is involved in:Autonomic ControlEndocrine ControlHomeostasisMotor ControlThirst and hungerSleep-Wake Cycles

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Is dieting leads to eating disorders a good speech?

No. Primarily because dieting does not lead to eating disorders. Dieting, especially excessive dieting, is a symptom of eating disorders. The eating disorder, actually the mental/emotional dysfunction that leads to the disorder, leads to the dieting.

Function of hypothalamus?

it is the control center of many autonomic function and regulate endocrine system.also control body temperature,hunger and thirst

Is the hypothalamus neccessary for maintaing homostatis?

Yes, the hypothalamus is involved in:Autonomic ControlEndocrine ControlHomeostasisMotor ControlThirst and hungerSleep-Wake Cycles

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