How can you control your penis from getting erect?

I'm 12 too and idk if there is a way to control it i just slip it up straight upward so its not pointing out and gathering attention.

Here are some tactics and strategies that males use to reduce embarrassment of getting an erection at the wrong times:
  • Think of something totally unrelated and perhaps even disagreeable, like think of cleaning the bathroom and scrubbing the toilet. Or, think of writing a science paper about dissecting a frog.
  • Some males wash their hands in cold water to "break" the connection to pleasurable thoughts.
  • Think of baking cookies with your grandmother, older aunt, or other grandmotherly person.
  • Imagine being in church or talking to your priest or pastor.
  • Imagine a different embarrassing situation.
  • Imagine being called into the principal's office for something you know you did wrong.
  • Imagine doing an intricate task. For example, mentally build a model car or design an oversized kite.
  • Imagine giving a speech in front of your class or whole school where everyone can see you head to toe--no podium to hide behind.
  • Think of a delayed reward -- like, if you can reduce the erection, you will allow yourself to play an extra hour of video games. A delayed reward tactic means you must exercise even more control.