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What are you talking about? Immigration Visas are given by the Immigration, a branch of the federal government, not an specific state like Tennessee. And yes, I am not talking about visa or MasterCard (joke).

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โˆ™ 2005-10-28 01:35:36
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Q: How can you convert your Tennessee visa green card?
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Can a green card be changed for a visa?

What do you mean green card changed for a visa? A visa to do what? Why would you want to change a permanent lawful residence status for a visa?

I had a student visa but went out of status Can i marry a green card holder and apply for a green card?

I had a student visa but went out of status Can i marry a green card holder and apply for a green card?"

Does a green card holder need a visa to US?

A Green Card is a pemanent US resident's visa. You don't need more than one visa.

Does US green card holder need visa to visit Malaysia?

If you have a green card and a travel document from the USCIS you need a visa. But if you are a green card holder and have a passport, you may not need a visa depending upon the country of citizenship, i.e. green card is irrelevant. Check the list of citizens who requires visa for Malaysia.

You are on a valid H1B visa and getting married to a green card holder what is a quicker way to get your green card through your green card holder spouse or sponsored by your employer?

Hi I got married to a green card Holder outside India. I applied for H1b and got my work visa and came to Us through that. Hoe can i convert my H1b to greencard.He got his green card 3 and half months before. can anyone answer

Is it possible to get a green card while on F-1 visa?

You need to get a job and convert your f-1 into an h-1.

How long does it take to convert H1B visa to a green card?

The timeline for converting a H1B to a green card is 3-6 years. There are also expenses and fees associated with the process which can rach into the thousands of dollars.

Can you fly to and other Country with out a green card?

Do you mean will the U.S. will let you back in without a green card? yes if you have a valid visa, such as a B1 visa or H1B visa. You can also apply for an Advance Parole while you are waiting for your green card to come in.

What is a green card in us?

A "Green Card" is the old term of a US Permanent Resident Visa. However, the Permanent Resident Visa is now no longer printed on green paper, nor is it credit-card sized. It's a historical term for the visa.

If you have US green card do you need visa to visit Mexico?

you dont need a VISA to vist Mexico if you hold a valid US green card

If you are US Green Card holder can you visit Australia on visitor visa?

Does not matter if you are a US Green Card holder or not, when you have an Australian visitor visa, you can go there.

Does a green card holder can enter japan without a visa?

If you are a citizen of a country whose citizen do not need a visa to visit Japan, then you are fine; Green card does not waive visa requirement for Japan.

If you have a green card and you are a Turkish citizen do you ned a visa for Mexico?

You mean American green card? If you have you American passport, you don't need a visa to enter Mexico.

Indian nationality with green card need Colombia visa?

Yes. Your green card is irrelevant to your visa requirement. So says the colombian embassy in usa

Tourist visa but you stay now you married a zitisen how long will it take you to get a green card?

Years. But if you let that tourist visa expire and you are still in the country, you will never get the green card. Keep your visa current!

Can a US green card holder travel to Switzerland without a visa?

Yes--you need a visa now--My wife is from China00and has a American Green Card she was forced to go back home because she did not have a visa!

Can a person with a green card visa application pending get married in his native country and can her husband get a green card visa on his basis?

No. Getting married doesn't give a green card. If the marriage is not a marriage for other than getting the green card it is illegal and against federal laws.

Do green card holders need visa to visit Aruba?

No they don't need visa.

How can you become a green card holder?

Immigration visa

Do you need a visa to go to Paris if you have a green card?

no you do not

What is dv2 visa USA?

It is green card lottery officially called diversity visa program

How can an illegal immigrant get a drivers license?

get a green card or a visa..

If you have an US green card do you need a visa to visit Canada?


Do green card holder need visa to Korea?


Us green card holder needs visa to visit Europe?

The Green Card is irrelevant. Whether you need a visa for the various countries of Europe depends entirely on your nationality and that of your passport.