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i don't understand your question

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Q: How can you convience your friend about the miss understand about love between him and her?
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How do you convience parents for love marriage?

let them see the love between the two of you. Then you can convince them.

What is a good sentence with empathy in it?

a guy speaking on the death of his friend's father, "i can understand your love and affection for your father. a guy speaking on the death of his friend's father, "i can understand your love and affection for your father. a guy speaking on the death of his friend's father, "i can understand your love and affection for your father.

What do you do if one of your friend falling in love or try to flirting with someone you loved?

If that person is your friend then tell them that you love the person they love. If they are your real friend they would understand.

What do you do if someone says i love you but but i do not care about them in the same way?

Say "I love you too my friend" and maybe they'll understand that you only love them as a friend.

What to tell your friend about a guy that you love but your friend just doesnt understand?

Doesn't understand how, the friend must know that you two are quite happy if you love each other and that she will have to either get over it unless she has a type of bad feeling about him.

Do you know this movie a girl good at lipreading in love with a man he is dangerous she does sign language i love you to him he couldn't understand then he do it to a friend in a bar and understand?


You still love your ex boyfriend but he loves your best friend and he doesn't understand why you are still in love with him?

Think about why you broke up, was it because of you or him? Talk to him and ask him if he would ever consider going out with you again. If he says he is truly in love with your best friend, you tried and its time to move on. If he doesnt understand why you still loe im after that, then you really need to think deeply between yourselves.

What if the boy you love loves your best friend?

Tell him that you like him or tell your best friend that you love him. i cant. cause they will just go there going out with my mate. i love him so much. you dont understand

What is the relationship between love and poetry?

love inspires poetry, poetry helps us understand love.

What do you do when your friend's ex boyfriend wants to go out with you but he is still in love with your friend and your friend is in love with him?

The right thing to do is not go out with him. If you do you can make your friend upset. Tell this boy you can't date him and if he likes you, he will understand. The best thing to do is to tell your friend he likes you and then tell her you already said no.

What to do if your in love with your friend or close friend but your younger sister is in love with him too?

All you have to do is be honest tell him how you feel and except the consequences of loving someone because if your sister really loves you she will understand.

Your best friend thinks you are only like her brother but you love her?

You have to talk to her directly as to conclude the relation. Make her understand that you love her but not as a brother.

What is the difference between a lady friend and girl friend?

lady friend is just a friend girlfriend is a relationship or where he just wants to get her in bed and make love

What do you do when you fall in love with your friend and they only like you as a friend but you really want them to fall in love with you?

well the first step is acceptance. understand that they only want to be friends and be satisfied. Talk to them again and or have a friend talk tot hem and see why they don't feel the same.

What should youdo if you love your friend and your friend doesnt like you?

simple. Keep on loving ur frnd. love does n't mean to get it really means to give . to give love to someone not to get love 4m that person. n if ur love is true its not an age attraction or anything else then i m sure at last ur lover will definitely understand ur love n if he or she couldn't understand then it means that one does not hve heart 4 u

How do you tell the difference between a friend and love hug?

Youll know.

You fell in love with your best friend and she likes you too but she just broke up with her boyfriend who is also your friend and she doesn't want to hurt his feelings. So what do you do?

This is complicated. But not so if you look at it correctly.If you and your best friend love each other, being love is truly hard to find, I would go for it. If your friend liked/loved her and respects you, he will understand and want her to be happy.

What happen if i dream with my friend?

Then there is something going on between you and your friend that you need to figure out. If you are a guy and your friend is a girl, then you are in love with your friend. But if you are a guy and your friend is the same gender, then that means that you and him are like brothers.

If your friend dont like you should you still be his or her friend?

It completely up to you. When you say you love some one , it should be unconditional . You don't even expect he or she should love you the way you do to them. There should be some reason why your friend don't like you , but just keep loving them one day he/she will understand what real love is

I'm in love with my best friend. She is a girl and I want to tell her I love her. Her best friend is best friends with me too. What to do?

Leave her note from an anonymous person and see who she thinks its you and if she gets frustrated tell its was you at the right moment and she might understand.

What is the difference between in love?

If you love someone you can love them as a friend or family. But if you are in love with someone you love them passionatly and your heart jumps into your throat every time you think or see them.

What should you do if you like someone and he likes you but he's dating your best friend?

say you don't like him in the same way as your friend could get hurt. but if it is truly love at first sight then explain to her and if she is a true friend she will understand.

What should we do when we fall in love with our best friend?

Understand, enjoy,, build even stronger feelings, protect, acknowledge how lucky and blessed you are, most important be sure you are his best friend

How do you make the difference between friendship and love?

To make the difference between friendship and love, the person you love must feel you love them. For example, you would not say 'I love you' to your friend, because they are just your friend, and in a relationship, it is usually quite obvious wether you are in love or not. We do not make the difference there is, it is just there. So basically, the person you love must know you love them, which will feel more like a relationship than a friendship.

Would have shown a love letter to a friend because it followed appropriate courting rules?

Yes, I would have shown a love letter to a friend, even it was a really embarrassing boy who sent it. Show them - I'm sure they'll understand xx