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How can you convince family members that your mother is a narcissistic personality who lies and seeks revenge?


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October 25, 2014 10:45AM

There is a lot to think about here. It depends on how old your mother is. If she's 60 years or older she could be experiencing the onset of Dementia (this happened with my mother) and we didn't realize this was happening (just thought she was cranky, miserable and interfering), but when she was in her early 80's she was put in hospital because of her diabetes and tests were done and we found out her great personality change was due to Dementia. Thank God, I always respected my mom and 'took time out' to cool off when she was just too much for me. If your mother is 40 - 50 then she may well just be a troublemaker and that's up to you to decide. She may be going through her menopause that can have many side effects and are harder on some women than others.

Symptoms can be crying for no reason; hot flashes (feeling very hot one moment then having chills); cranky and moody; depressed; changing her mind from moment to the next and even appearing mean at times. If you've always known her to be controlling and causing trouble in the family she may have her reasons, but her reasons wouldn't be good enough for the disrespect she shows to certain people. Does is really matter that you have to prove to other family members your mother may have narcissistic traits as long as you know what is going on. You are not a psychiatrist so unless your mother has had counseling and been labeled narcissistic then you are second-guessing and there could be other reasons for her behavior. You didn't mention how old you were. If you are of age and live with your mother then move out! If you live in your own place then put more space between your mother and you and see her once a month.

If you are a minor and being mistreated then seek help from 'Child Welfare' (called this in Canada). You can be placed with a relative if you can prove the environment you are in his harming you in a mental or physical manner.