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Well, I'm in the process of trying to get homeschooled as a freshman right now. This site really is helping as I read it because I hate my school right now. I'm actually trying to make a PowerPoint on why I should be home schooled and from reading all these other topics, it really does make me feel like I have a shot.

Wow, that's exactly my case. I'm making a PowerPoint as I browse this website, quoting off facts to maybe help convince my mom it is the right thing to do for me.

I've just got the problem that my parents are divorced, and my mom says yes, she's behind me 100%, but my dad is just saying no.

i homeschooled till third grade, and now I'm a freshmen and I've hated school the whole time I've been in the system.

yup....this site really helps!

That's so akward, my parents are also divorced. I homeschooled in the third through forth grade until they got divorced -- I returned to my great private school, then this year (9th grade) I got through the first semester at my public school alright, but... the system sucks. :|

I haven't proposed my opinion to my dad (although it will be my mom's decision in the end), and I have to work on an actual curriculum/financial "scenario" in order to convince her.

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Q: How can you convince your parents to homeschool you through high school?
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