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1 - Disable XP Themes 2 - Switch to Classic view 3 - Increase the shared video memory from the BIOS 4 - Set your resolution to 800x600 5 - See how many third party application are running behind that system.Disable them 6 - Upgrade Browser with its SP1,2 or newer 7 - Sometimes it seems that there is a problem with our grafix but infact our all system is slow because of viruses "attempt a clean scan by visiting" the company is Trend Micro. 8 - Adjust the Browser's Options or Settings to Default and decrease the security. 9 - Set the refresh rate of your monitor to "Adapter Default" By Right Clicking on desktop then Properties then setting then advance then adapter or by any suitable method

10 - Confirm from the status that the Video driver you have installed is working properly -

11 - The most Important point is "INSTALL NEW DIRECT X "

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Q: How can you correct distorted graphics when using the internet using Windows XP?
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