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Besides the traditional glasses and contacts, there are a couple of other options. Before laser surgery, there was radial keratotomy, but it isn't used that much anymore. It involves actually cutting the cornea to reshape it. There is a new procedure called Intacs that entails implanting the micro-thin intracorneal rings into the cornea by a trained eye surgeon. Implantable contact lenses, known as phakic intraocular lenses to ophthalmologists, are presently being investigated and utilized as another refractive procedure. There is also a procedure called orthokeratology, commonly referred too as braces for eyes. Your eye is reshaped by using hard contacts. You have to wear a "retainer" for a few hours each day to maintain the correction.

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Q: How can you correct your vision without laser surgery?
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What are the long term effects of laser vision correction surgery?

For some people, laser vision correction surgery is a success and effects will remain long after surgery has been completed. For some patients, laser vision correction surgery may need to be repeated. In the end the main purpose of laser vision correction surgery is to correct vision problems without the use of contacts or glasses.

Is myopia permanent?

It is. However, there is laser treatments that can change correct myopia now. But without surgery, only glasses can correct myopic vision.

What is lasik eye surgery?

It is laser eye procedure which is useful to correct vision problems.

How does laser eye surgery help?

laser eye surgery help with your vision, so you could have 20/200 and have laser eye surgery to have 20/20 vision

Where can one find decent laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery is used to correct vision and may have substantial side effects. A noteworthy location for this procedure would be the TLC Laser Eye Surgery Center.

Is laser vision surgery intended to correct nearsightedness covered under a private insurance plan?

Usually your health insurance will not cover laser vision surgery. However, you should check with your insurance company, because there may be a few that do cover it.

What is elective refractive surgery?

Refractive surgery. Laser surgery for vision correction

Can anyone get laser eye surgery?

Laser eye surgery cannot be performed until the patient's vision is stable. There are also medical conditions that prohibit the surgery. Thin corneas is one of them. It's a common myth that people who suffer from astigmatism are not suitable for laser eye surgery. The truth is that laser vision correction procedures such as LASIK and ASLA have been able to correct astigmatism for many years now. SOURCE:

does laser surgery correct cataracts?

Laser surgery can correct cataracts. A plastic lense is put permenantly in your eye.

What is the average cost of laser vision surgery?

When looking to get corrective laser vision surgery it is important to make sure you are eligilble. If you are eligible it will cost about 2000 dollars in order to have this surgery performed.

What type of surgery is YAG laser surgery?

A YAG laser surgery is a surgery for cataracts. Cataracts are what makes a persons vision blurry or cloudy. The laser surgery makes it so that person can see better after they have the surgery.

How effective is laser vision correction?

The effectiveness of laser vision correction surgery depends upon your expectation from the procedure.

Can laser surgery permanently improve a person's vision?

For some people, laser surgery is a permanent cure. Check with your doctor.

Where can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron?

One can get laser eye surgery procedures in Akron from Clear Choice. This is a center that deals with eye surgery to give clearer vision. With laser eye surgery, one does not need to have contact lenses or eye glasses. This type of eye surgery is used to correct problems that has to do with far-sightedness or near-sightedness.

Can Laser surgery can permanently improve a persons vision?


What are the benefits of LASIK laser eye surgery?

The benefits of LASIK laser eye surgery are that they correct the vision. Around 90% of patients will have their desired vision after LASIK. An enhancement can further increase the number. It is also associated with very less pain. After surgery, patients can recover quickly and easily. Also there is no need for bandages or stitches. Also no need to wear glasses. Many patient experiences that their vision is corrected almost immediately after surgery or a day after surgery.

How expensive is laser vision correction for being near sighted?

Laser surgery to correct near sightedness is fairly expensive. You could pay 2,100-2,500 dollars per eye.

What type of laser is used to correct vision problems?

I believe it is the argon laser.

How does corrective laser eye surgery work?

corrective laser eye surgery is a surgery u can get to make vision almost perfect and they do this by taking a laser and correcting the eye so that it is able to see perfectly.

What are the benefits of wavefront laser surgery?

Wavefront Laser (Lasik) surgery is a surgery performed on the eye. It benefits the patient by correcting their poor eyesight, giving them better vision.

What are some eye surgery options for short sightedness?

There are many different options when looking to correct eye vision. For those with short sightedness, they can seek treatment with laser eye surgery.

With Laser Vision surgery will glasses or contacts still be needed?

"After receiving Laser Vision surgery, glasses and contacts will no longer be needed. The reason is because the surgery fixes your eye sight so that it is 20/20 so that you will not need glasses or contacts for vision correcting purposes."

How do you fix eye vision?

Eat carrots, or eye laser surgery.

Laser Eye Surgery?

form_title= Laser Eye Surgery form_header= Improve your vision with laser eye surgery. Do you wear contacts or glasses?*= () Contacts () Glasses () None Do you have dry eyes?*= () Yes () No Are you pregnant?*= () Yes () No

What kinds of treatments does Lasik Vision provide?

Lasik Vision (also known as laser eye surgery) is a correction of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. Lasik Surgery is performed bu an ophthalmologist who uses a laser to reshape the eye's cornea to improve vision.