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How can you create a Counter-strike 1.6 server?


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Download HLDSupdatetool.exe. Use it to gather all the required files. Then start the server.


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Bots can be added in the "Create Server" menu Just remember that "Create Server" only works on LAN:)

find the counterstrike icon on ur desktop/or where u have saved it..then open it ..then either create/join a server..or if ur offline..i suggest u download bots...

You first need to download and install bots to the server. (Easily found on Google)CS 1.6 Bots should be able to work.

Yes it happens servers crash and lag out or can be you and your internet.

You have to forward the port 27015. Then people can access your server through <your ip>:27015.

Latency is depend on your distance from the server and also your net speed.if latetiency is less there is no lag in server B-) ..

Message of the Day It is the message you see when you first enter a server. It is controlled by motd.txt in HTML

Their are more than on ways to create a Counter Strike Server. 1) Run the CS Ded Server from your steam menu. 2) Pay for a host online. 3) Run the game and click create server.

Only they can change their own name, unless you are the admin of the server (in which case you can use the "name" command on their console).

Come on this server :

how do i make an private server flyff

Yes. It is against the Rules of RuneScape to create and/or use a RuneScape private server.

create database (database name)

Defining them in the Server Explorer's Variables tab is the most common way to create an application level server variable.

You have to create a server and load the map to the server.

You can create a listen server by clicking "Create New multiplayer Game". You can create a dedicated server by using HLDSUpdatetool.exe. (Needs patience to understand) Note: Port forwardning may be needed in order to make your erver accessible from the internet.

play on this server . its great , no hacks , no lags .

you cannot download counterstrike beacause that is premium

You either create a roblox server yourself, or you gain the trust of the owner of another server and ask him if you can be Admin.

Go to and buy a server. They start from only 1$ a month !

we use sockets for client server model..

You have to create your own LAN/Internet server in the Multiplayer menu.

you go to google and look up how to make a server on the mav 1.3.2

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