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Go into settings,then weither phone settings, or more likely, tone settings, scroll through until you find "key tones" or "keypad tones" and turn it off.

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Q: How can you deactivate a key pad tone on a phone?
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What does the Netgear Skype phone look like?

The Netgear Skype phone has a traditional phone look but with a more flashy design. It includes a basic key/tone pad, a screen and camera with skyping capabilities.

What is DTMF on a cellphone?

DTMF means Dual Tone Multi Frequency this is every key on your phone key pad, each key generates two tones over top of each other hence the Dual Tone of DTMF. This also applied to touch tone telephones that are hardwired in homes and businesses, they also use DTMF keying.

How do you get a plus sign on a phone key pad?

lower left key below 7 to left of 0

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just lock the door with the key pad and unlock it with the key pad. get in and it should crank.

Is there any phone with touch and normal key pad?

Nokia e7 (usd 400)

Is the blackberry key pad better then the iphone 4 key pad As u can buy a case that has the blackberry key pad with it?

Yes, the Blackberry key pad better than the iPhone 4 key pad.

How do you type phone numbers with the blackberry?

on the key pad theres numbers on the same buttons as letters.

How do you deactivate the numbers keys?

on your number pad , on the top left , there is a number lock

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you have to play the game for a bit so do some missions

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The brand of cell phone that has large text is the Cricket phone. The Cricket has large text, a larger numbered key pad and a lighted dial.

How exactly do pager systems work?

Pagers work by using radio waves. Messages are sent via touch-tone phone, where the person sending the message types a text using their number key pad. The message is then displayed on the pager's screen.

What is the meaning of numeric key pad?

The meaning of numeric key pad is the set of keys that have number on the side of the laptop. The older versions of laptops did not have a numeric key pad.

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