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goin the group. join in on what they are talking about. Or try to start a new topic that will find out more about her. Try to find her when she is alone. and get to know her. You dont want to move to fast. When you think the time is right... make your move!!!

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He's always nervous around me but when he's around his other female friends he's not nervous what does that mean?

he likes you

I really like this Guy but I can't bring myself to talk to him I'm nervous around him and he is always around people?

Don't be nervous. Don't let being nervous stop you from talking to a guy you really like. Just go up to him and say Hi. Once you've said hi just start a conversation and be yourself. Also, who cares if other people are there, they are just friends.

I like a boy and he is always in a group with friends but i want to go up and talk to him but aren't comfortable around his friends?

Gather up the courage and talk to him even if his friends are right there. Who cares what they think? All that matters is what he thinks of you. And if you are really nervous about talking to him with his friends around, bring a friend (or friends) with you. And I highly doubt he's always with his don't be afraid when you see him alone. Or, try texting, e-mailing, sending a friend request, or even calling him. You'll never know what could happen next.

What should you do if a boy said he likes you and and now you're nervous around him?

Don't be nervous around him, just talk to him like you were talking to your best friend.

If a guy is always clumsy around you what does that mean?

It means he is very nervous around you. It can be a sign that he likes you, and since he likes you, could be nervous, causing him to be clumsy around you.

What does it mean when a shy girl acts normal when talking to other people around you but nervous when talking to you?

She likes youShe is intimidated by youShe is nervous for some other reasonShe is scared of youShe doesn't want to be around youSHe thinks you're more popular than her and is jealous

How do you stop being nervous and shy around your boyfriend and his friends?

You man up.

You are 13 and always nervous around your boyfriend what should you do?

just talk to him

This one guy is always super nervous around me what does this mean?

he likes you.

How do you tell people you dont want to be friends anymore?

to tell people you don't want to be friends anymore you could stop talking to them on the phone stop hanging around them and if they ask you for anything always say no.

Why is your crush quiet when he is with you and then loud with his friends?

Well maybe he has a crush on you so he is nervous to be talking to you. And when he's with his friends, he feels more comfortable to talk because his gender understands him the most! Or maybe he found out that you like him so feels awkward to be around you. Hope this helped.

Why are we nervous around each other?

Usually when you have interest in one another it tends to make you nervous but trying talking more and becoming more comfortable and even hold hands during talking this will help relax you.

How can I tell if a girl likes me-?

You can tell if: 1. She's always smiling around you 2. She laughs or smiles at your lame jokes 3. You catch her looking at you..alot 4. She seems nervous talking to you or being around you Hope this helped! :)

How can you know if someone likes you?

you know that someone likes you from how they act around you. If they act nervous around you when your alone it either means they like you or their shy, but if they act nervous around you when theres friends around he either likes one of your friends and is trying not to mess up in front of them, likes you, or just isn't good around people.

Why is my crush avoiding me when my friends around me but when I'm alone he come and talk to meand sometimes when he saw a boy talking to me he always pull me or avoiding the boy i talk?

Why is my crush avoiding me when my friends around me but when I'm alone he come and talk to meand sometimes when he saw a boy talking to me he always pull me or avoiding the boy i talk?Because he still thinks of you a lot, but does not dare to show it in public. I think that he may be in love ;).

Why does your female friend act nervous around you and seem so comfortable with her other male friends?

One reason why a female friend may act nervous around you and seem so comfortable with her other male friends is because she likes you more. She could have a crush on you.

How do you now when someone likes you?

Here are just a few ways that you can tell if someone likes you: -constant eye contact -blushing when you are around -always seems to "accidentally bump in to you" -their friends ask questions about who you like -flirting -changes his or her attitude around you (mean around friends, soft and gentle around you) -when talking they will be touching you (your face, hands)

Can the guy you like who likes you back be too nervous and not able to smile at you when he is near you after you say hi to each other?

Dur, guys are always nervous. Does he act stupid around you? Yes he does, like he always does something cool to make me laugh or something. And he's always around me, acting stupid.

How do you know you love a girl?

Well when your around them you might feel funny or be really nervous when around them talking to them. The best thing to do is let it out tell her everybody !!!

How do you know if your friend is talking trash about you?

you know your friends have been talking trash about you behind your back when you hear rumors about you going around and your friends whisper and point at you. also you know it when your deepest darkest secrets that only your friends know is spread around the whole school. X(

How can i not get so nervous around attractive guy friends it ruins my life?

You need to have a high self esteem, take hold of your life and concentrate on making your career. This will help you not get so nervous around the attractive guys.

Ok i am a girl and today i was wearing a cute dress and this girl was staring at me and talking to her friends and when i turn around to see her she look away ad started to talking to her friends?

probably Lesbian

Why do you get nervous around a lot of people but when your with your friends you feel like your normal self?

its because when you are around your friends you now them but around a bunch of people u may not know every single person so it makes it different

How do you tell if one of your friends guy friends likes you or not?

You can tell if when you guys are around he pays more attention to you and not your friend If you can get some face time with him alone you can probably outright ask him if he's interested. If you don't like the idea of approaching him you can always try and talk to one of his friends or send one of your friends to do the talking for you.

Why are guys nervous around just one girl?

Some guys not all of them , & they get nervous especially of they like the girl because they don't want to say something stupid & embarrass themselves so they rather stay quiet. But when it's the girl & some of his friends & her friends he won't be nervous or shy