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On my Samsung phone, you just browse through your downloaded sounds. Once a sound is selected, you can rename, delete, or view the specs of the file.

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Where can I find ringtones for Cincinnati Bell cell phones?

You can find a ringtone for Cincinnati Bell on the official Cincinnati Bell website. The ringtone can be downloaded for free and downloaded onto a cell phone.

How do you get to music on a phone?

on some phones u can go 2 ringtones and it will either say my ringtones or regular ringtones. choose the one that says my ringtones. If your phones doesnt have that then i have no idea.

How do you make ringtones work on the Pantech ease because I have downloaded two ringtones to my phone and the phone will not allow me to use them?

To make ringtones work on any pantech device they have to be under 300 kb which is really small and that sucks but it's the limits pantech puts on all their phones

Which htc and Samsung touchscreen phones can you change and download fonts from the internet?

Fonts can be downloaded from the internet for all HTC and Samsung phones depending on where you go for them. The manufacturer\'s website will say which font styles can be used and how to change them.

Is MetroPCS cheap?

The company offers phones manufactured by Motorola, Nokia, Samsung, Kyocera, UTStarcom, Huawei, ZTE, and BlackBerry. The phones come preloaded with portals to their shop that offers downloadable content, such as games, ringtones, wallpapers, etc. New phones have a portal to @metro and the phones usually have preloaded ringtones on them. Preloaded ringtones actually makes their service quite useful. Their customer service is top notch and calling rates are much cheaper than others but not cheapest.

Where online can on get free ringtones for Verizon phones?

The main two websites to get free ringtones for Verizon phones are Phonezoo and Ventones. Ringtones can be sent via text message on Verizon phones so one doesn't need the internet.

What are some of the most popular Samsung phones?

The most popular Samsung phones would probably be Samsung Galaxy Slll and Samsung Galaxy Notell. These are Samsung phones that are currently among top selling phones in general.

Do itune ringtones work on other phones besides iphone?

No, iPhone ringtones are in .m4r format

where is the best website to find ringtones for mobile phones?

There are a lot of websites to find ringtones for mobile phones but, i think i would use my cell phone to find one.

What Samsung phones are Android phones?


Where can you find free downloadable ringtones for Cricket phones?


Do Samsung phones use the same charger?

Samsung phones use similar chargers, but they are not identical.

Are the Alcatel touch phones as good as Samsung touch phones?

No samsung touch phones are way easier to use and the touch screen on the samsung is more responsive. Hope I helped :)

Where could someone go to get free ringtones that will work on Verizon Wireless phones?

There are several websites offering free ringtones for Verizon cell phones. These include, but are not limited to, "Myxer", "Sendmemobile" and "Melofania".

Does samsung make a smart phone?

Yes. Samsung does make smart phones. All brands of cell phones make smart phones. Technology is updated now and Samsung does have some new smart phones released

Samsung Cell Phone?

One of the hottest cell phones on the market is the Samsung cell phone. The Samsung line offers phones such as the Samsung Focus, Samsung Galaxy and Samsung Indulge. These smartphones operate with either Windows or Android. You can access all of your email accounts, social media and more with these phones from Samsung.

What are some examples of samsung mobile phones?

Samsung makes a variety of mobile phones. From the Samsung Galaxy to the newest Samsung Fascinate, there are many options to choose from. The following is a link to the official Samsung website,

What is a good place to purchase ringtones for mobile phones?

A good place to purchase ringtones would be through legal and reputable music sites that offer also ringtones for cellphones. They also offer different kinds of ringtones.

What model of Samsung Cell Phones is Best?

The newest model of the Samsung Phones would be the Samsung Droid Charge. It has a lot of cool features.

Are Samsung galaxy phones same as a iphone or are they just normal cell phones?

The Samsung Galaxy range of phones and iPhones are considered smartphones.

Where can you go to get ringtones for t-mobile phones?

Go to

How can one purchase a real ringtones for mobile phones?

There are many websites offering ringtones for mobile phones. The chance of finding any free ones are slim, especially if you want a high quality sound.

How can you find a good selection of free ringtones for mobile phones?

Many mobile phone companies offer free selections of ringtones, as well as free wallpaper. You can also upload ringtones from I-Tunes and use your own music for ringtones.

Where is it possible to buy pink Samsung mobile phones?

Samsung Phones can be found at any phone retailer or department sore with a phone section. However pink Samsung phones may be a lot harder to find that your normal Samsung phone.

Are all Samsung Mobile phones Android phones?

Most of the Samsung Mobile Phones use android technology. It is becoming more and more popular.