How can you delete your Wikipedia search history?

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you can by scrolling over the prefered serch then press delete
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Why are certain entries deleted from Wikipedia?

\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nWikipedia runs on a "consensus" system, at least in theory. An article there can be deleted if enough people feel it is unworthy of an encyclopedic article, or if it meets certain other criteria.\n. \nOne complaint some people have with Wikipedia is that the deletion ( Full Answer )

How do you delete your history?

+ctrl+shift+delete only for firefox A word of caution though - you will not succeed in removing ALLtraces of what you have been up to on your computer unless youcompletely overwrite the entire disk. Barring that, a good computerforensic examiner will still be able to recover all sorts ofartifacts th ( Full Answer )

How do you delete the Google search history for ever?

Answer . you need to go to your browser, not google site. click onto the name of browser i.e. safari and you can do two things, first you can set your safari or other browser to private browsing, then you can reset it altogether. just hit reset safari and it will clear all cookies. then go to goo ( Full Answer )

How do you delete the history in search results?

Answer . Select the day, week or item you want to delete, right click on it and hit delete. However, this method does not work on wikianswers search box.. Answer . Select the day, week or item you want to delete, right click on it and hit delete.

How do you delete the history of your internet For example when you start to type in YouTube it shows what you recently searched How do you delte that?

The first option is: you could install CC-Cleaner (just google it)note: CC-Cleaner will clear almost everything in your browser(cookies ect.) and provides safe internet browsing. OR hit history, then delete . i found out how to delete the searches on youtube . put the cursor over the search and ( Full Answer )

Delete search history?

In different browsers, there is always an option for you to delete relevant browser history. For example: Firefox: click Tools, there is an option that lets you to delete history files, that's it. Becareful to delete auto recorded passwords! Note: browsing history can contain the search history, i ( Full Answer )

How do you delete search history?

All you have to do is press Ctrl+H. This will show your recent searches today, yesterday, and a month ago! Right click the one you want to delete, press "Forget about this site" and its gone!

How do you delete history on the search bar?

One way is that you can go to "tools" and "Clear Recent History" should be there. Or, you can go to the icon and right-click for "Properties". There should be a section under the "General" tab that says "Browsing History". Then click the "Delete" button (not on your keyboard) and then click "Delete ( Full Answer )

How can you best search Wikipedia?

Since recently, there are quite a few specialized Wikipedia Search Engines out there. . This is an incomplete list:. QuALiM ( Question Answering System that allows a user to answer questions and returns relevant passages from Wikipedia. . Lumrix (http://wi ( Full Answer )

How do you delete your search history?

It depends on which browser you are using. For example, if you are using Firefox, go to Tools, then you will see an option that lets you delete relevant history to pritect your privacy. You can delete search history, cookies, cache, browsing history, etc. Most popular browsers are well designe ( Full Answer )

How do you delete Wikipedia account?

I have bad news for you people that are trying to delete your account on wikipedia. You can't delete your account i have personality tried and i have been told that you can't. I think that it is stupid that you can't delete something you don't want anymore. So I'm so sorry for you that are trying to ( Full Answer )

How do you delete your account in Wikipedia?

Can't delete your account in Wikipedia? . You can't, they won't allow it. They claim non profit rights to everything you type in perpetuity, that is, until the right offer comes along and the wiki mafia execs decide to sell it. Wikipedia mafia claims non-profit tax free status on all your contrib ( Full Answer )

How do you delet history?

You can delete your Internet Explorer history by going into Optionsin the Settings page. You can delete cookies and pages that havebeen cached.

How to delete a page history on Wikipedia?

Well when i first got my computer i was trying to figure the same thing how to delete my history.. All you have to do is..... at the top of your page in the right hand corner there is a box saying TOOLS if you click on that it should come up with a list. At the top it should say... DELETE BROWSING ( Full Answer )

How i delete the history?

If you want to delete computer history, here is another question in wikianswers related to it. There is already a full answer that can tell you how to delete computer history, including internet history, temporary file, search history, etc.

How you delete the history?

you go to history select show all history then select the one you want to delete then hit delete

How do you delete history?

As I know, to delete web browsing history in Firefox: click Tools, there is an option that lets you to delete history files, that's it. Becareful to delete cookies! Note: browsing history can contain the search history, internet browsing history, cache, cookies, cache, auto complete form history, e ( Full Answer )

How do you search your computer search history?

If it hasn't been erased you could search all cookies and it will tell you what site the computer has been to. You could also locate at the top of the internet browser a section called 'history'. Click on it, and a scroll down list will appear. It will show you the most recent sites you have been to ( Full Answer )

What comes up when you search Wikipedia on Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is a free , [5] web-based and collaborative multilingual encyclopedia project supported by the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation . Its name is a portmanteau of the words wiki (a technology for creating collaborative websites , from the Hawaiian word wiki , meaning "qu ( Full Answer )

How do you delete computer search history?

if it's a mac when you go to safari in the top of the screen it well say history click it and go all the way down to clear history just click that and you done. but if it's a PC I'm not sure. all u have to do ia press ctrl+H and u will get todays, history, yesterday's, a week back and 1 month b ( Full Answer )

How can you delete search history from iPod touch?

There are a couple of ways you can do this. Click the small book on the bottom (or one of the other icons on the bottom) of Safari, and then go to History, and then on the bottom left you can clear search history. You can also go to Settings, Internet, and then click 'Clear History'.

What does deleting history do?

This is just an example - When you're on Facebook, you type in your email, the next day you go on that site, and start typing in your email thing, its already at the bottom. That's what you call 'history.' Deleting history means that you're deleting that email that's at the bottom from coming up ( Full Answer )

How you delete your resent searches?

In the history on the options icon and press clear browsinghistory. On a win machine - when on line select Ctrl and H and the searchhistory will be displayed along with deletion options

How do you delete individual searches in your history with Google Chrome?

you see where there is minimize ,close button and maximize button underneath there should be a spanner button if so click on it then a box of options will come up and go down the list and look for history and there comes all your history you then have a option on the day of history it will say at th ( Full Answer )

How do you delete searches from search engines?

Run regedit, enter: HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Internet Explorer \ SearchScopes . Go after searchscopes on right click, set permissions: check "Full Control" Select OK. . Now enter the browser settings to delete SoSo search engines . Remember to modify the permissions back after e ( Full Answer )

How do you delete the searches from search engines?

on a Windows PC , to clear all the recent data, Internet Explorer Check All The Boxes. Mozilla Firefox Check All The Boxes, There should be a dropdown list for you to choose from EX: Today, Last 2 weeks,....Everything. I choose everything. Then you`re done. :)

How do you delete search canvas?

For Firefox only: 1. Type about:config in your address bar. 2. Agree the warning sign 3. Type canvas in search box 4. Right click all bold results and click reset 5. You're free from that annoying site

How can you delete your search history on BING?

Very simple! Just start typing (It does not even have to be a word) and look at the bottom of where your old questions were. At the bottom, it will say Turn off History...or Manage History. Go to turn off history and delete the old questions you had. Or go to Manage History and choose specific items ( Full Answer )

Why page is being deleted after creating on Wikipedia?

Usually the reason for deletion is specified on the page and also there should be a link to discussion page where you can convince wikipedia community that your article has encyclopedic valuel

How do you delete search items on iPad?

first you go to settings, then on the left, click safari,on the bottom right it should give you the option to clear your searches and cookies.

How do you delete searches on this website?

WikiAnswers does not make separate search entries on your browser, but your browser history will contain all sites and searches unless you delete them. To delete history in Windows, you use your Internet Options page. To delete history in Google Chrome, select history from Tools, Edit Items (upper ( Full Answer )

How do you delete the Babylon search engine?

Delete babylon (a language search engine). Much tooth grinding, swearing. Easy in the end. Click start- computer-discC-scroll down to babylon file-select(turn blue)-press "delete" on keyboard. Babylon gone. ^I am the person who asked the question, when i click disc c there is just 9 folders, none ( Full Answer )

How do you delete only certain things from your search history on apple safari?

Go to the History option at the top of the page and select Show All History, select the one you want to delete then right click (option click) on it and select delete. If you don't want to keep having to do that then just select the Safari option then select Private Browsing and it will ( Full Answer )

How do you delete search bar history on Google Chrome?

Seach bar history can be deleted clearing browsing history whichcan be accessed by shortcut command Ctrl + H or from Chrome Menu orby typing the command chrome://history in address bar.

How do you recover deleted Internet search history on iPhone?

Have you backed up your iPhone with iTunes or iCloud. If yes, youcan try to restore your iPhone from iTunes or iCloud. If not, youcan make use of FonePaw iPhone Data Recovery to recover Safarihistory from iPhone directly. Just download and launch the program,click "Start Scan". Then click "Safari Bo ( Full Answer )