How can you detect ghosts?

If you suspect a place is haunted, you could call a phsychic medium to come and see if there are any spirits that stay in the area, or you could take an EVP recording,which is where you can detect any speech the ghost may be saying..only we cannot hear

The question should be how do we improve in seeing and talking to the spirit world. Why can a digital recorder hear evp's and our ears can't? why not rig a digital recorder into an ear plug for instant responses. as for photographs and video why can't we enhance the equipment to display ghosts on the view finder? I'm assuming our technology can make a camera that sees in all spectrums of light and energy. And how come no ghost hunter shows ask the important questions... like what is it like over there? do you need to sleep or eat (gather energy to move things) does it hurt to move things? can you interact with other ghosts? is it crowded there? can you or do you hang out with friends and relatives? can you move on? is there a heaven or better place? does everyone turn into a ghost? can you fly into the heavens? are you stuck in this place or can you move freely? what happened when you died? did you see yourself outside your body? can you be hurt anymore? why do ghosts wear clothes? how do ghosts wear clothes? can you change your clothes or are you stuck with the ones your die in? has any higher power explained to you why you are there and why you can't move on? or is it one unexplainable boring existence?