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How can you determine the amperage used by a television?

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Television AmperageGet a clamp on meter and clamp it around the hot wire only. This will give you the amperage if you don't know how to do the calculation. But a tv doesn't pull enough amperage to worry about. Additional InputIf you do need this info for calculating loads, as for example on an extension cord, power strip, or a surge protector, there are two ways I can think of that will provide the Ampere draw of a TV.

First, check for a label, decal, sticker, or even embossed into the TV housing. Usually, the power requirements are on the device. Also, usually, the label will show either Amps used, OR Watts.

If the label only gives Watts, to calculate Amps, DIVIDE the indicated Watts on the label by the indicated VOLTAGE, which will results in Amps.

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What is the amperage used in an LCD TV?

Define slide . answer:

What 2 Factors Determine How Much Amperage Will Flow?

Voltage and resistance determine amperage, assuming the source can provide the amperes.

How do you determine what shade of filter plate is worn for arc welding?

the welding amperage being used

How long will a 400 watt light bulb last using a 24 volt battery?

This depends on the amperage of the battery. Wattage (400) = Voltage (24) x Amperage (???). Once you can determine the amperage per hour you can determine how long the battery will last.

What is a 10-wrap amperage multiplier used with?

a ten-wrap amperage multiplier is used with a (n)

What is circuit amperage?

Generally speaking an appliance (eg tv) is supplied with power so when it is off it has voltage supplied. After yo turn it on it starts to draw power called amperage the voltage doesn't get higheur but the amperage does Amperage is the load being drawn through a circiut

How do you calculate cable size for 5kw load calculation?

Without knowing the nominal voltage, you cannot determine the load current and, therefore, cannot determine the cable size. <<>> The sizing of cables or conductors is based on the amperage that the conductor can safely carry. The formula for amperage is I = W/E. Amps = 5000/Volts. With out a voltage stated an answer to this question can not be answered. When you calculate the amperage, re-ask your question for a conductor size for a given amperage.

How many amps does a TV draw?

there is a place on your tv that tells you the amperage. just look on the back or in your owners manuel

How many volts is 20 watts?

You need to have the amperage to determine how many volts you get out of 20 watts.

Can multimeters be used for measuring currents?

Most multimeters can be used for measuring current and if t is aclamp multimetre it can also be used for reading amperageComment"Amperage" is current!

How do you determine the amperage given the voltage and the wattage?

Divide the power in watts by the voltage in volts to get the current in amps.

When checking an electric heating element you read voltage but no amperage What can you determine about the heating element?

the element has a open in it !

What is the Horsepower rating for starter motor?

To determine this you will have to measure the amperage the starter draws when you crank the engine. This amperage times the voltage (12 volts) will give you the wattage. There are 746 watts to 1 HP.

How do you determine how many amps a battery can handle under continuous conditions?

To determine how many amps a battery can handle, this information should be on the battery itself. You can also get a battery tester to determine amperage.

How thick is the cable to conduct 22.5 kw of power?

Cable doesn't conduct power, it conducts current. Either the voltage and load must be known or the amperage the cable will need to conduct to determine the size of the cable. Once the amperage is known, there are multiple tables online that have cable size and amperage. Do a Google search for "conductor amperage" for examples.

The calculation used to determine amperage of a conductor based on the total number of conductors in a conduit is called A derating B voltage drop C conduit fill D conductor fill?


What is drop testing used for?

One type of drop testing is conducted in the electrical and industrial trades. It is used to determine the voltage drop across a resistor. It appears to work best on higher amperage circuits according to engine-light-help website.

How do you connect 220 v wire to a welder plug?

You first have to determine how many amps the welder draws. From this amperage, the correct wire size is determined. Depending on what the wire size is governs the size of the breaker to be used.

Does a double pole breaker double the amperage?

No. In North America a double pole breaker is used to obtain a voltage of 240 volts from the distribution panel. What ever the amperage rating stamped on the handle of the breaker is, that is the amperage that the breaker will trip at.

When is an ammeter used?

To measure amperage output to see if an alternator is charging or not .

Which electrical unit is used to rate cartridge fuses?

Amperage is used to rate cartridge fuses.

What size of wires to be used for branch circuit?

The size of branch circuits is directly related to the amperage draw of the load. The load amperage governs the size of the conductors that are used to feed the load. Also by the same token, the breaker that feeds the supply voltage is governed by the amperage draw of the load. So to answer the question, the wire sizes could be any number of different sizes depending on the amperage they have to carry.

How do you size a phase converter to run a 3 phase welder?

From the nameplate on the welder you find the amperage that the welder draws at the three phase voltage that you are going to use. This amperage is used to size the phase converter. This amperage is also used to size the breaker that will feed the phase converter and wire size for the installation.

How many amps does a 96 volt 1 HP DC motor put out?

Motors do not put out amperage. A motor draws amperage as a load on an electrical system. A generator is used to produce voltage and amperage governed by the load connected to the generator.

What is amperage?

Amperage is electric current of flow.