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Having only one piece of information, such as the time of day, wouldn't allow you to determine your geographic position. You would have to have additional information such as the position of the sun (or stars) at a particular time of day in order to accurately determine your position. There is an excellent PBS piece on this at:


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To find out the location of a sender in an email, one must either A) Look for the IP address and then look that IP address up to determine the general geographic location, or B) Look for the time zone and determine the approximate geographic location from the time.

The correct spelling of the word is geographic. Longitude and latitude coordinates are used in GPS systems to determine the users real-time geographic location.

Time, place, people, weather, season, and geographic location

THEY'RE based on the location

determine time and location determine purpose draft agenda invite attendees

This Question is incomplete. To answer it sensibly, one needs a time period and a geographic location. Please rephrase.

Polychromic cultures determine when it is time to change from one activity to the next based on how they feel. Monochromic cultures determine when it is time to change activities based on clock time.

There various things that you can use to determine the time in two countries. This will mostly be determined by their location in relation to the Greenwich meridian.

You need to include a location. You can use the Sunrise/Sunset Calculator at the link below to determine the precise time for your location.

The observer's location and the time of the year :)

In terms of geographic location, the federal government resides mostly in Washington D.C. In addition, the Senators from particular states spend time working on their own states.?æ

each town had a different time based on its location, it became impossible for the railroads to accurately determine when the train would be arriving at one town so the railroads went to the US gov. and time zones were created.

Your question is redundant. There is no such thing as a wet drought. The geographic location of deserts prevents them from receiving moisture.

The time of sunrise and sunset is dependent on the date and your location. You can visit the U.S. Naval Observatory's web site and use their sunrise/sunset calculator to determine the precise time for your location.

At dawn. ________________________ The time of sunrise or sunset is very dependent on the date and your exact location. You can use the U.S. Naval Observatory's Sunrise/Sunset Calculator to determine the precise time of sunrise for your location.

Zihuatanejo. Next time you need to know how a geographic location is spelled, turn on the subtitles!

Depends upon your geographic location and whether or not the ticket was being paid on time or late. Please be more specific.

The cost of a gallon of gas at any time is more a variable of geographic location than anything else.

The Panama Canal is centrally located in the Americas and decrease the time needed to sail around South America.

To determine the approximate location and the time the earthquake will occur.

The ease of approach to one location from other locations. This may be measured in terms of the distance travelled, the cost of travel, or the time taken.

Relative time is used to determine the age of past events based on related events. This technique was commonly used in Geology before the invention of radiometric dating.

I could not find a record of the show being shown in Canada except from American TV Stations. The related link must be used to determine the time based on the location of the station and not the viewing area. Adjustments on the time for daylight saving time and time zones may also have to be made

The time of sunrise or sunset is very dependent on the date and exact location. You can use the US Naval Observatory's Sunrise/Sunset Calculator to determine this for any date or location. See the link below.

it's not always cold. the temperature is based upon the location, the weather, and the time of the year.

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