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I heard bits of bleach will help the dilution

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Urine specific gravity of 1.012 is dilute or concentrated?


Will a womans dilute a mans urine?

Will a woman's what dilute a mans urine?A woman's urine?Not really, they are essentially the same aside from a slight variance in hormones.

Will warming up urine dilute it?


How much can you dilute urine for THC test and not raise suspicion?

You can't dilute urine, because the only thing you'd have to dilute it with is tap water, and that would show up on the urinalysis. Urine does not contain H2O. It's been chemically changed by the time it comes out as urine.

How do you dilute your urine to pass a meth drug test?

You don't have to dilute your urine to pass a drug test, just the opposite, if you dilute it it will show and they will flag your sample.

What causes dilute urine?

Matt dobbins

How do you get rid of urine odor?

You can dilute urine by drinking more water/fluids.

Can letting urine sit in water have it come out diluted for a pregnancy test?

Adding in water to urine will dilute the urine and all components in the urine. It can make pregnancy hormones less detectable. But why would you dilute your urine purposely and waste a HPT product?

Dog Urine smell out of yard?

Water the yard, urine will dilute and dissipate into the soil.

What does Excretion of dilute urine requires?

the presrnce of ADH

How do you dilute urine for a lab test?

lots of water

What happens to drugs in urine if urine is diluted?

the concentration of 'drugs' in the solution would also dilute

What measures th kidney's ability to concentrate of dilute urine in relation to plasma?

It is urine's specific gravity that measures the kidney's ability to concentrate or dilute urine in relation to plasma.

Will drinking lots of water dilute your urine?

Eventually, yes.

What is the approximate specific gravity of dilute urine?

hi maddeleine

What happen to cells in dilute urine sample?

Red and white blood cells, and epithelial cells can become damaged or destroyed in dilute urine, causing the numbers of these components to appear falsely decreased.

Why yellow urine?

Not enough water to dilute coffee, juice and supplements.

Excretion of dilute urine requires?

impermeability of the collecting tubule to water.

If meth today and I dilute my urine will I pass a drug test tomorrow?


Does drinking water hide THC in your urine?

It would dilute it, but it's very unlikely that it will hide any drug in your urine.

The disease diabetes insipidus?

results in the production of a large volume of dilute urine

What hormone that decides dilute or concentrated urine will be formed?

aldosterone is the hormone that decides this

Will eight 8 ounce glasses of water dilute your urine?

Yes, of course it will.

Will nuerontin dilute a urine sample?

Why do you wanna know? You shouldn't be doing drugs!

What happened to volume of urine produced as the volume of water drunk increased?

Volume increases,urine become more dilute and clear.