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Answer : need cost effective spare keysFor vehicles having secured entry devices a locksmith is able to make extra entry after verifying that yoy are in fact the owner of TITLE (NOT by the registration, only ownership of TITLE. This is the most cost effective way I am aware to reach your goal. The only other option if not a locksmith is the dealership. The keys for this type of entry have a chip that is recognizable in order to permit entry. These are called "chip keys." This is to you from anyone trying to illegally enter and start the vehicle. If you are in truth the legal will have no problem getting a locksmith to help you for MUCH less money. The autos have computerized checks where more than one chip is needed to get in, start it, engage the transmission, etc., etc. You can aboslutely prove you own the car??? Locksmith or dealer is the way.

You can not disable the system.

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Q: How can you disable SecuriLock Anti-Theft on 2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I want to be able to get spare keys made that don't cost a fortune?
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