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Method 1: Use "administrator";

We know when we set up Windows XP, frist is use "administrator" to access the computer, then we will be asked to create a new account for sig in in. Also this new account will appear in Windows XP's logform, but didn't use "administrator". In fact, the "administrator" account is exist and its password is empty.

when we realize this, if we forgot windows password. then shift "Ctrl +Alt" on the logform, press "del" for twice. It can turns to classic logform, then you can type "sdministrator" in the user, password is empty to access. then modify the account that you forgot.

but unlucky, if you also had set this password and forgot it, how to do in this case? Don't worry :

In fact, the real super administrator of windows XP is "Administrators" which under safe mode, not the "Administrators" which under the normal mode. In the acquiesce situation, the administrator password under safe mode is empty. No matter what so complex or high security in the normal mode, also can create a new user in safe mode if you never set administrator password in safemode. after it, you can login in by new account and password in normal mode.

method 2 : Retrieve password from the SAM file the basic premise: can use DOS command line)

Inset bootdisk before the system stars, enter: C: ,with the COPY command to copy the SAM file to a floppy disk. Then bring it to another computer to read. there is the tool "LC4" required. running LC4, open and create a new task, click "sl" in turn. open the bypassed SAM file, LC4 can analyse it and appear username that in the file. then click "sb" to crack windows password. If the password is not so complex, you can get the answer in a short time.

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Q: How can you disable login on windows XP professional?
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